Law & Human Rights

June 12, 2009

Group calls for prosecution of the Igwes’ killers

By Innocent Anaba

A coalition of human rights groups in Nigeria has called for the immediate prosecution of all those implicated in the killing of former Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Onitsha branch chairman in Anambra state, Late Mr  Barnabas Igwe and his wife and indeed several other killings by the infamous Anambra State Vigilante services popularly known as the Bakassi Boys.

In a petition to the Inspector General of Police by Chukwuma Nzeakor, the group said “you must prosecute without further delay, those who were  implicated in the investigations as the chief director of the killings by the Bakassi Boys during the tenure of Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju as Governor of Anambra state.

According to Nzeakor, “the only legacy that you (IG) can leave for Nigerians is to make sure that all those who participated in the killings of Igwe and his pregnant wife face the law. It is a great disservice to the nation to allow the killers roam the streets freely.

The statements given to the Police by members of the killing squad gave a graphic detail of how the killings were carried out and point at those who directed the killings. As these killers languish in detention, it is rather very strange that those who authorised the executions are free and even participating in governance of the people, contesting and re-contesting elections.

“It is very unfortunate to note that since the killing of the Igwes and other innocent citizens of the state by these terrorists, nothing has been heard of the investigation of which correct statements detailing the trailing of the Igwes to Awada had been obtained by the police.

However, what you find is loquacious boasting by one of the perpetrators, that nothing will ever come out of it. Should we say that the law is afraid of some persons or that some people are above the law? If not, how could only one man fingered in the several killings be walking free yet others are in detention and the nation is just watching?

“In order to understand what we mean here, we should have a straight look into the character of one of the perpetrators,  which is comparable to the legendary Hammer House of Horrors. Elendu Reports say he finished his secondary school without a credit in Mathematics yet he is said to have gone to study Accounting.

He was also said to have gone to Italy for further studies but there are no records of his graduation. Instead what we have is a report from Interpol that he was declared wanted in 1980/81. When he returned to Nigeria, he teamed up with Advanced fee fraudsters doing their hatchet work for them until the 3rd Republic came up and he became an instrument of thuggery.

“He is also linked to some others influential people in Anambra,  and made sure that all his perceived opponents were beaten to pulp, eliminated or chased out of the country. Fingers point at him as the leader of the band that kidnaped ex Governor Chris Ngige in those sad periods of his leadership.

With the foregoing, it is our utmost view that this man, being free to roam the streets is a terror to humanity who must be caged and immediately too. The Police should prosecute this man now” , the group added.