Point Blank

June 8, 2009

EDITORIAL: www.pointblanknews.com : Dealing with online “character assassins”

Hurray! The  publishers and editors of www.pointblanknews.com have accepted at last, that they lied in their concoction of a court report  in their editorial of June 2, 2009. How many more admissions of malicious errors do the unsuspecting, reading public expect from these offshore hawkers of malicious falsehood?

The fact of the existence of www.pointblanknews.com is that they are a conceited medium of deceit, extortion and blackmail.

The established foundation to their current admission of error is  that the prosecutor in the State v. Chinuwa-Ogwu & others had complained to a duly constituted court of competent jurisdiction that www.pointblanknews.com had serially manufactured lies about public proceedings in court, tendered the concoctions of www.pointblanknews.com to the court and begged the court to restrain the liars at www.pointblanknews.com and their local agents from continuing  with their trade of deceit.

The court  ordered these above-the-law bloggers to please report the court proceedings accurately.

If the hollow fellows at  www.pointblanknews.com would twist a simple, open court proceeding (the trial proper is yet to start and they are up to tricks to frustrate it !) to suit a pre-conceived position of lies and falsehood, readers may then imagine what these character damagers do, as a rule, to other helpless victims.

Do they have the competence to cover the court? Can they be trusted to present any story at all, without a motive for ‘settlement?’

The blackmailers are many, on  assignment for www.pointblanknews.com. If you pay  up when they hit you the first time, they withdraw. If you play hard to get, they pummel you till they break you. Not all their victims had the benefit of a right of reply as with the Amukas.

Facelessness, they argued, is good for blackmail business at www.pointblanknews.com. They hide their identity to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

Quite unprofessional and unethical. Yet their victims, who seek justice, would like them to show courage and come out of the closet.

They should be accountable by disclosing the identity of their workers who can claim responsibility for the evil done offshore. They should publish their addresses in Nigeria, so that they can be served court summonses.

The criminal law is clear: he who allege must provide proof.  www.pointblanknews.com and their agents allege  murder. Mercifully, Steve Chinuwa-Ogwu, the lead blackmailer claimed that  he witnessed ritual murder.

He personally took ‘’photographs’’ of the slaughter. He is a live witness. He accused Alayande (who is standing trial with him on OBT charge) of being the principal ritualist. Alayande is in Nigeria.

Steve Chinuwa-Ogwu, despite his frustrations has  not absconded (cowardly Andrewed-out) out of reach like his principals. He must surely have his day in court,  following due process.

The wheel of justice may grind slowly, but it brings relief to the patient, even if “media assassins” at www.pointblanknews.com may have benefited immensely and materially from professional incompetence, malice and deliberate falsehood.

www.pointblanknews.com claim they are crusading for justice. But are they professional in their approach? Unlike their colleague-bloggers who are respected for their thoroughness, the blackmailers at www.pointblanknews.com bit cyanide by publishing Chinuwa-Ogwu’s concoction, without checking all the facts.

They are mired in a peculiar mess. They have to  stick to their murderous story because it is a bone in their neck.

What are the issues? Chinuwa-Ogwu and a group of fraudsters, got a victim and a client in the wife of the publisher of Vanguard newspapers.

They preyed on the anguish of a mother to fleece her, in collusion with some unscrupulous policemen. Cheated out of the loot  by colleagues in crime, Chinuwa-Ogwu then moved to the supposed honey-pot, the peculiar target of www.pointblanknews.com, Vanguard publisher to blackmail for money.

Rather than play ball, the publisher invited the law. Investigation has been completed and the case is on trial before a duly constituted court of competent jurisdiction in Nigeria.

Chinuwa-Ogwu and patrons at  www.pointblanknews.com, seeing that the game is up, hired the services of a lawyer with a notorious record of peddling falsehood.

Lawyer Giwa-Amu has been on trial for one such excess since 2002.  And that case is not related to this. The character assassins are in court and they have ample opportunity to establish a case of ritual murder against the Amukas as opposed to Obtaining by False Pretence (OBT) that Chinuwa-Ogwu is being tried for.

But the blackmailers at www.pointblanknews.com  are impatient with the law, the court and due process. They have no confidence in the police. Maybe not in the court also.

They are the investigating officers. They are the prosecutor. They are the witnesses.

They are the jury. Everybody is guilty on their blog site. They take over the court and give judgment. They intimidate everybody to tow their line.

They prescribe sanctions for everyone based on their unproven, vicious and spurious allegations, published in a medium of falsehood and blackmail. Journalism is indeed in grief and mortal danger in the hands of these “character assassins”.