June 18, 2009

Democracy, worth celebrating — Kumuyi

By Chinyere Amalu

ABUJA—Contrary to opinions of some Nigerians that the celebration of 10th Anniversary of the country’s Democracy is a charade, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor William Kumuyi said, “there is something to celebrate”.

Pastor Kumuyi who spoke to newsmen yesterday in Abuja on his arrival for the Abuja Night of Power scheduled for Friday said, though Nigeria has not got to where it ought to be, democracy can never be compared with military rule, adding, “moving from where we used to be should be our joy”.

His words, “I would say that whatever we are going through today, democracy cannot be compared with military rule. So there is something to celebrate. We are not where we want to be because we have vision and desire, but we are not where we are used to be, that should be our joy”.

Pastor Kumuyi also added his voice in the re-branding project recently launched by the Federal Government, saying it is very important in transforming Nigeria if supported by all.

“Re-branding project will be a success if we all join hands together. This is our country, and if we have good picture, good image both within and outside the country, it will be for the advantage of the country. I will say that re-branding is very important”, he added.

He noted that the slow process by the National Assembly to start the electoral reform process is to ensure that Nigeria get it right in the forthcoming election, adding that nobody is against the reform process.

“Sometimes we the populace have less information about lots of things, but those who are in the helm of affairs want to look at the details. I don’t think anybody is against the reform; it is just that they want to tidy up some nuts so as to see which direction to go. So those who are slow about it, I believe it is because they are thoughtful and want to ensure that we are going to the right direction, not because they don’t agree that there should be electoral reform”, said Pastor Kumuyi.

On 2011 election, he advised Nigerians to change their mind set and have re-think of placing the nation first rather than selves.

He, however, pointed out that he is back in Abuja to complete the work the church started in March, adding that he will always be available to provide service to God and the church.