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Corruption, Religion and Societal Values

THIS paper is not to dwell on the purely academic, philosophical, sociological, economic, psychological aspects of the topic but it is an attempt to bring to the fore the fact that Corruption, loss of religious and societal values are symptomatic of a breakdown or putrefaction of spiritual, moral, social and reli-gious values as directed by Jehovah, the Creator and designer of the human mind. It will also point out or proffer solutions based on the present circumstan-ces of this evil world and her systems or measures and finally put it on record that the ‘desire of all nations’, the New Jerusalem, and God’s Kingdom, remain the perfect, ordained, determined, and divinely designed condition or state or place where all these will be confined to the dust bin of history.

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Cross Section of the worshipers at the two day Crusade

Enemies submitted at Lord Chosen’s crusade

IT was another typical lengthy spiritual exercise penultimate weekend as the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries marked another two-day “…And the enemies submitted” crusade as numerous members from differ-ent parts of the country converged at the international headquarters of the church at Odofin Park Estate by Ijesha Bus Stop, along the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway in Lagos with several who had defied the early morning rain, taking turns to testify to the wonder-working powers of the ‘God of Chosen’.

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New CAN President, Rev Ayokunle

CAN: Intrigues that produced Ayokunle, Oritsejafor’s successor

THE election of the 7th National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, to succeed Pentecostal Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor may have come and gone but the nation may not have seen the end of the exercise as there were attempts to stop the electoral process when the campaign director of the TEKAN/ECWA bloc aspirant, Dr. Jeremiah Gado, raised a motion that the election could not proceed, arguing that there was a court injunction stopping the process.

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Cardinal Okogie

What I told Tinubu about Buhari — Cardinal Okogie

LAST Thursday, Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie, celebrated his 80th birthday with a Holy Mass at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos and reception at the St. Gregory’s College, Obalende, Lagos. In an interview later, the retired Catholic Archbishop of Lagos reflected on his four years in retirement after attaining the mandatory age of 75. This year also marks his 50th priestly ordination anniversary. He recalled that a large chunk of his years as the Archbishop of Lagos was devoted to speaking out against injustice and oppression of the downtrodden by those in positions of authority.

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Jesus consoles the week

Don’t Quit

The time and seasons that we are in now to many is life threatening. Prices of almost all things are sky rocketing. Families find it difficult to cope and to survive. Famine is indeed the order of the day. I know that so many expectations are not being met. However i would like to assure you that God Almighty is still God and in absolute control of all things. Let me just ask you one simple question. Do you know how many unseen battles the Lord fought and won for you? They are uncountable.

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W.F Kumuyi At 75: As It Was On Day One…

If the world would have its way, Pastor William FolorunshoKumuyi at 75 should be the grand old man sitting by the fireside at night in a fenced house built for him by the Church. The young and the old would form a circle about the retired preacher, listening to great exploits of the man in his active days as an evangelist. At sunrise the following day, he would sit in a cane chair overlaid with soft cushion, reading the Bible and watching the world go by, waiting for the moon to announce the delivery of more tales of the past to anxious listeners.

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File photo: Church choir

God’s prophetic purpose for praise

God is a God of purpose. Everything He says has a meaning and He performs all that He says. God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do. Some people think that when they are asked to praise God, all they need to do is to sing and dance. This is good but not good enough. Just singing and dancing is not the real purpose of praise. Until you and I have a good understanding of praise, we cannot reap its full benefits. In Amos 9: 11-12, the bible says “In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David that is fallen and close up the breaches thereof: and I will raise up his ruins and I will build it as in the days of old: that they may possess the remnant of Edom and of all the heathen which are called by my name, saith the Lord that does this”.

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CAN Elections: How TEKAN/ECWA lost out

NATIONAL president of Patriotic Christian Youths of Nigeria, PCYN, Evang. Simon Timothy Nasso of the TEK-AN unit, had blamed the inability of TEKAN/ECWA bloc to present a candidate for the CAN presidential election, on the inordinate ambition of certain individuals within the bloc who would stop at nothing to actualise their dreams.

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Pastor Paul Adefarasin

I want to save collapsing marriages – Pastor Adefarasin

At a time when the principle of right and wrong has become endangered in Nigeria following poor leadership, Pastor Wale Adefarasin is concerned about how to bring back those things, govern social behaviour in the country. To achieve this value re-orientation, Adefarasin, who is the General Overseer of Guiding Light Assembly, a non-denominational church with branches in Lagos, Abuja and London, says, in this interview, that the collapsed family system in Nigeria must be repaired. To this end, Adefarasin and a life-coach, Lanre Olusola, have concluded plans for specialised family oriented master class. The pastor reveals some defining stages in his life.

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Our plan to transform Nigeria through the family – Lanre Olusola

Life Coach, Lanre Olusola, in this interview says Nigeria needs to commence action to bring the country back to the path of value system. He also offers insight into how he intends to carry out the mandate alongside Pastor Wale Adefarasin. Olusola, who works with individuals, organizations and government agencies to transition from where they are to where they desire and are designed to be, believes that if families are successfully transformed, Nigeria’s transformation will become a reality.

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