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Mile 12 Market: Why plan to relocate might fail again

THERE is probably no bonafide Lagos housewife who has not visited or heard of Mile 12, the depot market upon which thousands of households in the metropolis depend for fresh and cheap produce.

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Vox Pop:‘Why we prefer Mile 12 Market’

In the Mile 12 market, things are a bit the same. Although the prices are higher compared to before, but the goods are affordable and it also depends on your purchasing power. You can only buy according to your pocket but will be sure of getting your money’s worth here in Mile 12 market. The economy is bad- everyone knows that but Mile 12 still remains the only market you can buy food items cheap.

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Empowering women is sacrosanct – HRM & HRH Efekodha

We will form cooperative societies. You know in a rural community the women are more of the population. At the end of the day I can use my position to help some people fund their Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, so that they can be involved in trading and other things. Attention will also be given to the widows because they need all the assistance. Some of them are farmers, they can hardly raise funds to carry out their farming activities.

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Apps for Women’s bodies

In this post information age, it is therefore not a surprise that a million and one apps have been developed and are being used daily by millions of women across the globe in the enhancement of birth control, pregnancy and fertility. Here are some prominent ones.

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