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Who is a husband?


A husband is a male in a marital relationship, the rights and obligation of a husband regarding his spouse, others and his status in the community and in-laws vary between cultures and have varied overtime.

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Rahama Sadau

Perception of Hausa girls should change —Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau is one phenomenal Hausa actress from Kaduna State, Nigeria. She studied Business Administration at Kaduna Polytechnic and joined the Hausa movie industry (Kannywood) in 2013. In the course of her career as an actress, she emerged as the Best Actress (Kannywood) 2014 award by City People magazine, and also won Best African Actress at the 19th African Film Awards by African Voice, a British tabloid with African interest.

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What to tell your sons on how to handle women!

As enlightened as the society is and with information technology at the finger tips of almost every- one, parents still find it difficult to discuss sex with their adult children, and most youths don’t have that much clue as to what is right and what is wrong. So, from the etiquette of the first date to how to dump a girl ‘nicely’ here is every-thing you need to know about how the opposite sex should treat a woman – and be treated by a woman.

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Daycare centres: Who cares about best practices?

Last month, a video surfaced on Facebook, showing several scenes of a boy of about eight-year-old heavily bullying toddlers in a daycare centre while an older lady—apparently the boy’s mother— appeared at intervals to sooth the crying toddlers, pretending to be unaware of the cause of their cries. At least her failure to reprimand the ‘little demon’ like most Facebook users described the boy, proved that.

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