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The woman being older is usually kept a secret from the families – Dr Adegbaju

Normally, you would expect a man in any relationship to be older than the female. Going by the African way, there is always this belief that when the woman is older in any relationship, she has the tendency to start controlling the man.

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Made in Nigeria? The bags have it!

THE way things are going with the Nigerian economy, we will be looking up to other sectors other than oil and gas to take us out of the doldrums. The agricultural sector – touted for so long to have this ability – has been dismally slow, while tourism has become impossible due to the state of infrastructure and security in the country.

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I target non-patients so they don’t become patients – Dr. Laetitia Adaudu

Dr. Laetitia Adaudu is the Chief Executive Officer of Jos-based Laetitia Resorts Limited, a public health initiative, with focus on healthy living. The Public Health specialist teaches people to live and eat healthy and also to reverse diseases when possible. Adaudu had her Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) from the University of Ibadan and then specialised in Public Health in the University of Lagos.

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You will scream if I tell you my age – Biochemist turned beautician

I started makeup artistry right from my days at the University of Port-Harcourt as a student of Biochemistry. Makeup was also the first job I did after school. I knew a long time ago that I wasn’t going to practice Biochemistry because I actually did the course to make my parents happy. While at school, I was also travelling to Jos with night bus to buy gold jewelry which I sold in school. Later on, I started collecting Mary Kay from a church member to sell.

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Beauty pageantry: Is it still relevant?

In recent years, the entertainment sub-sector in the country has witnessed the increasing introduction of beauty pageants in various forms and shades. From Miss Nigeria, which started in 1957, to Silverbird Group’s Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, MBGN, others such as Queen Nigeria, Miss Teen Nigeria, Miss Nigeria in America, Miss Earth Nigeria, Sisi Oge, Miss Heritage Nigeria and so on, have sprung up.

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You can dress neat as a crime fighter – Dolapo Badmos

DOLAPO Badmus, Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) is one woman that exudes an alluring aura aside the combatant-fitted persona she exhibits at work. Despite being a crime fighter and Police spokesperson, her unassuming demeanor and fashionable traits says a lot about her as a passionate career woman. While speaking as a guest at a confidence coaching programme by Abiola Salami’s Xceptional Women Network in Lagos recently, she expressed how looking good has not affected her job as a Policewoman and however, berates the notion that Nigerian Policemen dress shabbily.

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