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Implication of Osinbajo’s visit to Rivers State

ACTING President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, may have left Rivers State on a regional visit to interact with stakeholders with a view to enthroning lasting peace and economic prosperity in the Niger Delta region and Nigeria at large. Nonetheless, the incidental consequences of the visit looks fixedly on the shared agitation of the peoples of the State, and undoubtedly so.

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Osinbajo and the demand of leadership

IT’S been more than one month now since Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, assumed the status of Acting President. Even when this is not the first time he would be holding forth for the president, it is the first time he would be doing it for this long. Except in an actual state of incapacitation it is doubtful if anyone could envisage a situation like this when the president would be away from office for over a month without being declared ill or incapacitated. But by embarking on a medical vacation which has been indefinitely extended on the advice , Nigerians have been told, of his British doctors President Buhari has afforded his deputy an opportunity to demonstrate what he could do if given the chance. Before now, Osinbajo had operated in the shadows of President Muhammadu Buhari. This is the way things should be as the presidential system of government is a monarchy of sorts that does not leave room for two heads.

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‘What does Bola Tinubu want?’ — A riposte

I WAS hesitant to make this intervention for fear of having people question my motive. To situate the issue in a clear context, let me disclose from the outset that I recently had a privileged discussion with a prominent Nigerian during which he asked the question, by which this piece is titled. The question has continued to reverberate in my mind; and, whenever I see him, the question keeps assuming a fresh life, as if he has just posed it.

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While Mr. President is away

THERE is a need for us to understand the context under which the country is being run presently. Only a fool will have a death wish for Mr. President because it will benefit the country more for President Buhari to stay alive, otherwise, the consequences will be too grievous to imagine. But, we tend to over dramatise basic issues, so, things that are supposed to be normal in every society becomes complex here.

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Elumelu Foundation and the promotion of entrepreneurial skills

The Tony Elumelu Foundation is an ‘Africa based and African funded philanthropic organisation dedicated to the promotion of excellence in business leadership and entrepreneurship and to enhancing the competitiveness of the private sector across Africa‘. It is a programme in which 1,000 entrepreneurs are selected based on the viability of their ideas, including market opportunity, financial understanding, scalability and leadership and entrepreneurial skills. The lucky young Africans undergo twelve weeks of intensive training and at the end; 5,000 dollars are given to each as non refundable seed capital and access to another five thousand dollars in convertible loan.

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