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Move over AY, here comes 100 Days in London! – Reno

President Muhammadu Buhari has done a great injustice to himself with the types of media aides he has surrounded himself with. They are some of the most inept bunch who perhaps think that their job is to alienate Nigerians from their boss.

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Awodiya at 70: Toast to a bridge builder and humanist

I used to wonder why Professor Muyiwa Peter Awodiya gave so much attention to me in-spite of his busy schedule but when I reached out to some former students while working on this material, I discovered to my surprise and admiration, that caring for his students-past and present is second nature to him. Their impression of the man range from the sentimental to outright hero worship!

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Consumer empowerment: Why Remita app stands out

When SystemSpecs launched its Remita Application recently, the fintech giant sent a strong signal that Nigeria has what it takes to produce cutting-edge financial technology exportable to the rest of the world in the short run. First, the launch underscored the ingenuity and capacity of Nigerians, based in Nigeria, to deliver top-notch IT solutions that are positively disruptive.

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Nigeria: One quit notice, too many

WHEN  some ’Boys’ gathered in the month of May this year to issue Quit Notice to Igbos to vacate the north by October 2017, they must have thought to themselves that they will shake Igbos, put fear in them, send them crawling on their bellies, and ask for mercies from the northern youths. But they did not and it will not happen. In 45 days from today the time for Igbos to leave the north will expire, yet Nigeria has refused to listen to the Arewa Spoiled brats!

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Competent, resourceful and diligent: Tribute to Folashade Ogunnaike

IT is never difficult to write a tribute in honour of exceptional people. Indeed, one would suppose that Mrs. Folasade Oluwatosin Ogunnaike personally received and imbibed the admonition of Israelmore Ayivor right at the outset of her illustrious career. Anyone who takes a cursory look at her profile or who sets out to evaluate her career trajectory finds the story of a hardworking, principled, energetic and competent civil servant.

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The casuality in Boro (2)

I AM sure there is a hidden hand good at deliberately painting persons traitors to justify a mob action unleashed on the victim. If not, by what logical analysis could one arrive at the irrational position that there is a trace of betrayal in Chief Tunde and Chief Boro over their roles in the communal war just now?

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