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Abia crisis and the theory of imperfect crime

OF course, you are aware of the common phrase: nobody is perfect. Forget about the Pope’s claim of infallibility. It is common sense that nobody is perfect. Criminologists and men of the Intelligence Bureau stand on this premise to theorise that since there is no perfect man, there cannot be a perfect crime.

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As Ugwuanyi takes development to rural areas

A critical review of the development trajectory of the present administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in Enugu State points to the fact that the apogee of its policy thrust centres on rural development. Unlike in the previous administrations when development seemed to be concentrated in the urban areas, Ugwuanyi has made giant strides towards advancing good
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Mr. President is about the economy not corruption

I FELT a bit miffed at the president’s Eid-el-fitr message not because it lacked compassion or empathy but because it lacked a departure from his strongly held minimalist view of our daily reality. In all sincerity, I have made a solemn promise not to throw empty criticism at Mr. President and only lend my voice to matters in which common sense is clearly shrugged away to accommodate political vacuity.

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•Onyekpandu  Anah

Christian Anah: A teacher par excellence clocks 80

We must start this testimonial with a teachable conclusion: All that Christian Onyekpandu Anah treasures today is the serenity of his privacy; the humility of rendering service to God and humanity; and a heavy dose of prescribing unto others as he cherishes being done to him. That is the entire story of a man who is celebrating his anniversary; a journey that started from his ancestral Ihiagwa neighborhood, where his umbilical cord found natal rest in today’s Imo State in colonial Eastern Nigeria.

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