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The Enemy Within And The Cold-Blooded Threat From Arewa (2) by Fani-Kayode

Apart from Afenifere, the OPC and a number of noble and courageous elders and leaders hardly anyone else from the south west has spoken up publicly for the Ifes and the Yoruba in this matter and that is a crying shame.

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The enemy within, the cold-blooded threats from Arewa (1) by Fani-Kayode

On March 28th a hitherto unknown northern group known as the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, through its spokesman, one Yerima Shetima, had the nerve and effontry to accuse Afenifere and the Yoruba nation of a “subtle campaign of ethnic cleansing” and went on to threaten us with what they decribed as “reprisals against the millions of Yoruba living in the north” if we did not stop complaining about the fact that our people were slaughtered in Ile-Ife and that the police were handling the whole matter in a selective, inappropiate and unjust manner.

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Tinubu and the sinking boat (2)

THE fact was established that Ahmed Bola Tinubu, through very uncommon and legendary display of political wizardry, put together the All Progressives Congress, APC, almost single-handedly – a feat not too rampant in the annals of political parties formation in Nigeria. The only person who could be accommodated in the arena of this type of feat would be the late Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo.

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Montesquieu vs Nigeria

THE great French philosopher, Charles Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu was an eclectic writer. He started his writings innocuously enough in 1722 with a satirical offering: The Persian Letters, that made him quite famous within the French society. But his magnum opus was published twenty six years into his writing career, and that was his book; The Spirit of Laws.

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Illegal parade and trial of criminal suspects

On February 26 this year, the police conducted a media trial and parade of the detained 49 members of the Peace Corps of Nigeria. In condemning the uncouth action of the Police I pointed out that “the parade of criminal suspects by the Police in the country is illegal and unconstitutional.” Shortly thereafter, there was a violent clash between the Yoruba and Hausa communities in Ile Ife, Osun State. The 20 suspects arrested by the police were paraded before the media in Abuja last week. Since the suspects are of Yoruba extraction the Afenifere has condemned the selective arrest by the police.

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