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We must restructure to save Nigeria

Nigerians should be aware that while we endorse president Buhari’s Security and Corruption challenges, it is the National Assembly that has the challenge to usher in very urgently a restructured system of governance for more viable economic challenges

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Dangerous dance with the Supreme court

AN Igbo proverb says that if a man knows a thing that will bring confusion and trouble let him refrain from doing it.

The law profession is one where seniority is treated with the highest regard in appointments and practice. It flows from the National Judicial Council, NJC, the highest policy making organ for the law profession.

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Exigencies of the war against corruption

TO characterise a scale of mass murder that defied the English lexicon, Raphael Lemkin cobbled together a new word “genocide”. He pieced the word together from the Greek word, geno, meaning tribe, nation or people and the Latin word, cide (from the conjugation of caedo) meaning to kill. With his new word, he highlighted the methodical and systematic slaughter of entire peoples and nations by the Nazi in Axis occupied Europe.

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The elite rape Nigeria

THAT Nigeria is still afloat is a miracle pure and simple. This is against the back-drop of jugular bleeding inflicted by Nigeria’s elite financial rapists. This small group has mercilessly battered and plundered Nigeria at all fronts and from every angle waiting for Nigeria to die. A lot of them are evil geniuses in reverse – Thievery.

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Resuscitating DSC: Yet another failed promise?

THE story of Delta Steel Company Owvian-Aladja is undoubtedly one that leaves a sour taste in the mouth of everybody especially the stakeholders. Delta Steel plant, commissioned in 1982 was to usher Nigeria into the league of steel producing countries, an inevitable stepping stone to industrialisation, national development, self-reliance and self-determination as steel has become one of man’s most important technological materials after the First and Second World Wars.

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Facing realities: How ready are we?

WE have started again this new year 2017; grandstanding, propounding theories, analysing and forecasting. Different experts from here and there. The government, with all of its machinery of propaganda giving hope to the people, a hope that might turn to despair by the middle of the year because everyone is refusing to face and adequately deal with the true situation in the country.

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Re – Leadership crisis in Edo APC: The inside story

ON December 27 last year, an All Progressive Congress, APC, youth leader, Comrade Osakpanwa Eriyo was arrested amidst brief kerfuffle in Edo State. There was no tension in the state, neither was there cause for trepidation. He was later arraigned before a magistrate court, and the case adjourned to a later date. One journalist, Simon Ebegbulem, who writes for Vanguard, sniffed himself into the affair.

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