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Sen Pius Ewherido: Three years after

HOW time flies! Three years ago, precisely on the 30th of June 2013, Delta State and the entire nation lost to the world beyond, one of the brightest, foremost and accomplished politician in the person of Senator Akporokena Pius Ewherido. He was the representative of Delta Central Senatorial District in the Nigerian Senate.

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Re: Averting religious crisis in Osun

THE recent judgment of the Osun High Court that ruled in favour of the use of hijab (head scarf) by Muslim female students in the public secondary schools has brought the state under focus in the last two weeks. This judgment has attracted numerous comments, remarks, opinions and even personal biases of individuals. In nearly all of these commentaries – some informed, others partisan and jaundiced – the kernels of the point of discussion are either misunderstood or cast away by the writers.

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Way out of this mess

FOR those schooled in the art of faith, nothing is impossible. We have seen desert lands turned to lush vegetable lands in the states of Israel and Lebanon. We have seen Singapore with no visible mineral resource become a first world country and there are many examples. Why are we finding it difficult to turn our negative situations into positives?

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Holy year of Mercy

JUST before mass ended on Sunday at an outpost of St. Edward’s Catholic Church in Eziowelle, the hometown of Francis Cardinal Arinze, the priest invited a young man to make an announcement. The fellow said he had come from the Justice Development and Peace Commission, JDPC, to propagate the corporal works of the Year of Mercy.

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African heroes, superpowers of agriculture

For most people, the notion of a hero conjures up images of brave individuals risking their lives for others, or “superheroes” from comic books or films, armed with supernatural powers. But what Africa needs, each and every day, are heroes of a different sort – “action heroes” with ideas and vision, ready to respond to challenges that could determine the fate of a continent with a land mass larger than the United States, Western Europe, China and India combined. This is a lot of land, with a lot of potential.

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Buhari in Igbo attire

Buhari’s isolation of Igbo: A blessing

IGBOS have come to that point in the national life of Nigeria, where they just have to face it. They have to face the realities of these times. No one will develop the South East for them except they face it. No one will stop crime and kidnapping for them, except they face it. No one will spare their land from Fulani herdsmen, whether they play the politics or not, they just have to face it.

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*Doing drugs and the aftermath

Drug abuse and Nigerian youths

THE use of mind altering substances of natural origin has been known since the prehistoric times. For centuries, man has tried to either complement some pleasant features of life or escape from the unpleasantness of life, whether real or imaginary, by using fermented liquor and different plant products.

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