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Destination: Gidan Makama, Kano

Gidan Makama Museum or Kano Museum is situated in Kano. This building served as temporary palace of Kano before the current palace, Gidan Rumfa was constructed in the 15th century. It has significant collections of arts, crafts and items of historic interest related to the Kano area. Located in a 15th-century historical building which is recognised as a National Monument by government, the museum is divided into many galleries, each with their own centre of focus.

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Harmony of the Seas, the current world’s largest cruise ship,  homeport in Barcelona, Spain on Sunday from where it will embark on the first of 34 seven-night sailings in the western Mediterranean on June 7, exploring some of Europe’s most beautiful locations. Harmony of the Seas is redefining vacations and intriguing a new generation of travelers with a bold and unexpected line-up of first at sea innovations, while enticing them to explore the world from a new perspective. Above: One of the Wonderland onboard Harmony of the Seas.

Synagogue crisis: Hoteliers lose N3.9bn in one year

Hoteliers in the Ikotun-Egbe axis area of Lagos State are at the moment bemoaning their losses due to low occupancy rate in most of the hotels. The hoteliers blame the situation on the Synagogue Church of All Nations building collapse, which in turn affected influx of worshippers and miracle seekers to the church. Before the accident, thousands of Nigerians and foreigners alike thronged the church, headed by Pastor T.B. Joshua, in search of miracle healings for various afflictions.

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7 things tourists find strange about Nigerians

Nigerians find it hard to believe, but they are exceptionally loud, especially those from the western region. Some have stated that the loudness is a consequence of their local dialect and their cultural practices, while other believe that the average Nigerian lous because is is their heritage to be boisterous. A typical Nigerian will not hesitate to belt out a song in crowded street in the bid to sell potions or win souls, and most locals will not even try to reduce the pitch of their voice, as long as they feel the need to air an opinion. While locals see these as normal, most visitors find it utterly alarming.

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*Suya in the making

7 reasons Nigerians are obsessed with Suya

There is no denying that a trip to Nigeria is not complete without a taste of Suya. The long thin cut of beef, marinated in delicious spices and grilled over red-hot coals, has over the years become one of the favorite street foods consumed by locals in the country. You can hardly go 3 miles around certain cities, including cities outside the Northern region where it is said to originate from, without catching a whiff of its tantalizing aroma in the air. Actually, Suya is one foods in the country that is enjoyed to all and sundry irrespective of age, sex, ethnic group or tribe.

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girl relaxing on the beach

Top 5 ways to meet single guys in Lagos

A lot of female visitors who storm Lagos have romance at the back of their minds as they hope to meet the guy that would sweep them off their feet during their stay. Unfortunately, while single men are literally everywhere in the city, meeting quality single guys can be an arduous task. Everyone seems to be so busy, and the ones you manage to meet at bars and club may not exactly be what you would consider “quality”.

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A Lagos commercial bus popularly called DANFO

4 signs you are a true Lagosian

Lagos is, without a doubt, the most popular city in Nigeria and possibly Africa. Not only is it cosmopolitan and all-encompassing, it offers countless opportunities to its inhabitants as well as visitors. The city literally adopts thousands of new residents each year and so it has become a daunting task identifying who the real Lagosians are.

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