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Destination of the week: Badagary

Badagry (customarily known as Gbagle), a coastal town situated between the city of Lagos and the border with Benin at Seme in Lagos State, Nigeria, is without doubt one the most serene and historically rich towns in the region; every year thousands of tourists come from around the country and world to admire the relics and mementoes of slave trade in Nigeria.

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6 Décor mistakes that makes your home ugly

Whether you are moving to your just completed home or a rented apartment, it is important to personalize it with trendy decorative home accessories. This is because having an aesthetic and well-decorated home will create a pleasant and tranquil haven for you and your family. This said, there are mistakes that Nigerians make when decorating their homes especially for individuals with little or no interior design experience. Despite this, you can still achieve a pleasing arrangement by avoiding these common interior design flaws cited by Jumia Travel.

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6 Reasons Why Kids Don’t Need Smartphones

Nearly everyone uses a smartphone now including kids. Yes, kids. Kids are smarter and brighter now, that they have little or no difficulty navigating handheld devices. Even parents will be surprised by their knowledge. Of course, you cannot prevent this because we are in the digital age. However, few people fail to consider the side effects smartphones have on these kids. Remember, unlike in the past, children of today grow up early and are exposed to all sorts of things. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 6 things you should consider before buying a smartphone for kids.

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