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    *Old Oshodi

    5 crazy things that happen when you visit Lagos Island Market

    Definitely the largest shopping district in West Africa, the Lagos Island Market is a bouquet of commodities ranging from as little as jewelry to fabrics, clothing, home wares and electronics. While the market has no particular address as it spans across many streets on the island, certain parts of the market including Balogun and Breadfruit streets are famous for being visited by tourists.

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    4 amazing folktales told by the Igbos

    The eastern part of Nigeria largely occupied by the Ibo tribe, is rich in culture, customs and traditions and one of the tenets that has survived the rage of civilization and modernization is the art of storytelling. Interesting and educative folktales which have been passed down from generations to generations from the ‘ancestors’ are told to children in the bid to preserve the norms and culture of the tribe, imbibe good morals and instill the spirit of communal love amongst members of their society.

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    The re-birth of Apapa Amusement Park

    FOR the few privileged Nigerians that have visited Dubia or familiar with Arabian architecture, if they are blindfolded and taken to the re-developed Apapa Amusement Park, they will definitely think they have been dumped in Dubai. The first impression one gets on entering the park is the feeling that one is in one of those fun spots that dot the city of Dubia.

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    New Ooni of Ife, Enitan Ogunwusi

    Ooni declares Ife tourism zone

    A new dawn in the history of Ile Ife occasioned by the recent appointment of 40 years old Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja 11, as the Ooni of Ife, has continued to resonate with the Ooni set to declare Ife as a tourism zone in furtherance of his promise to foster peace and unity and bring economic prosperity to his people by opening up Ife to the world through tourism.

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    Being a chef is not about glamour – Chef Magnus

    ASKING him to tell you how he got into the hospitality industry puts a childish smile on his face as he gladly tells you that he was born into it as his parents were both chefs back in their native country of Sweden, “my parents had restaurants in Sweden where I had to do anything from moving the lawn, washing the dishes and peel potatoes to get some extra pocket money from about the age of 12.”

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    Chef Primorac Kristijan

    How I defied my dad’s advice to become a chef

    Yes, in Germany you have three years training in a school and hotel. Five days in the kitchen, one day in school and a day off. During the training , I was always saying after school let see how far I can go. I had high hope of graduating and start working for big companies like Hilton Hotels. I worked first in a small private hotel, French cuisine, a high level restaurant in Germany. Then I said it was time to work in a bigger hotel to see big operations.

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