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4 browsers that will make you end your addiction to Chrome

It is certain that you are using chrome to browse. This is because it is one of the best browsers from the giant tech company called Google. Of course, this is not surprising because Google is one of the most innovative tech companies in the world. The fact is you are addicted to Chrome and think that it is the best browser. Well, sorry to disappoint, there are other browsers that will no doubt break or end your addiction to chrome.Jumia Travel shares some of them.

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Destination of the week: Badagary

Badagry (customarily known as Gbagle), a coastal town situated between the city of Lagos and the border with Benin at Seme in Lagos State, Nigeria, is without doubt one the most serene and historically rich towns in the region; every year thousands of tourists come from around the country and world to admire the relics and mementoes of slave trade in Nigeria.

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