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Nigeria has huge e-commerce opportunity for tourism — Jumia Travel

CHIEF Executive Officer, Paul Midy, Jumia Travel, said though the potentials of tourism in the country are yet to be fully developed, that they are set to use the internet to grow Nigeria’s tourism sector and change the lives of the people. He noted that as Africa’s giant, Nigeria’s economy, just like most in the continent is burgeoning and promising despite the recent oil crisis and economic slowdown.

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Getting the pot boiling

IT is a sad fact that despite the new trail to follow global sustainable tourism development, developing tourism in Nigeria looms ahead of government as one of the most torturous projects to embark upon. Government is paying little attention to the sector. Tourism has become a bothersome venture in the eyes of the government and this often reinforces mistaken assumptions about the immeasurable blessings accrued to the sector.

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Yoruba gods, food shine in Brazil

THERE is an old saying, dating back to those inglorious slave-dealing days on the South American plantations that still make the rounds today in Salvador, Bahia State, and the first colonial capital of Brazil. Slaves, mostly Yorubas from West Africa, reportedly confronted their slave-masters with this bold prediction, “Your people may have conquered us, but our culture will eventually conquer you.”

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AGIRI: Rivers community festival that cures people of strange ailments

IT was a rapturous affair at Bille Kingdom, Degema Local Government Area, Rivers State, recently, as citizens adorning stunning cultural regalia trooped out en masse to mark this year’s multi-million naira Agiri festival, their most revered convention. As tradition demands, visitors and security escorts were given George wrapper and other traditional attires to robe themselves at the festival that abolishes diseases, promotes peace and unity.

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Which way for tourism?

I HAVE been thinking. Nigeria is richly blessed with several tourism potentials and holds strong investment capabilities which can be harnessed to stimulate our economy and diversify our revenues… The mountains, the rivers, the forests and deserts define different landscapes in the country. The nature is in its natural state – unaffected by man’s industrial activities. Explore the nature further, you will find wildlife meets fun. Monuments and sculptures also usher you into the cities. And memorable pieces of art and structures are all story-laden. The rich tapestry of the culture and traditional occupations of a significant number of Nigeria’s peoples are profound and impressive. Indeed, we are the laughter of the world’s happiest people.

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FG, UNWTO working toward implementation of tourism master plan — Minister

THE Federal Government on Tuesday said it was working with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation, UNWTO, toward the full implementation of the Tourism Master Plan, for the country. Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who disclosed this while speaking at the 41st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA) in Lagos, said that the theme, “Tourism in a Recessed Economy -The Way Forward.”, was very relevant because of its implication for travel, trade and tourism now, and in the years ahead.

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