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Airports transformation good for tourism – Loxley

Despite the huge potentials in the hospitality sector of the tourism industry, the under performing nature of the sector has continued to be a source of worry to stakeholders. In this interview with Gabriel Olawale, the General Manager of Southern Sun Hotel, Mr. Mark Loxley spoke on how they are navigating through the present economic recession in the country.

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FTAN will stimulate domestic tourism to boost revenue- FTAN

Coconut Resort Beach located on the coastal town of Badagry, Lagos State. The beautiful beach, as its name implies, is surrounded by coconut trees. It is about twenty miles towards Nigeria’s border with Benin Republic. With the kind of the tropical sun that could be enjoyed within the environment, Coconut Beach is an ideal destination for holidaymakers.

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Nigeria has huge e-commerce opportunity for tourism — Jumia Travel

CHIEF Executive Officer, Paul Midy, Jumia Travel, said though the potentials of tourism in the country are yet to be fully developed, that they are set to use the internet to grow Nigeria’s tourism sector and change the lives of the people. He noted that as Africa’s giant, Nigeria’s economy, just like most in the continent is burgeoning and promising despite the recent oil crisis and economic slowdown.

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Getting the pot boiling

IT is a sad fact that despite the new trail to follow global sustainable tourism development, developing tourism in Nigeria looms ahead of government as one of the most torturous projects to embark upon. Government is paying little attention to the sector. Tourism has become a bothersome venture in the eyes of the government and this often reinforces mistaken assumptions about the immeasurable blessings accrued to the sector.

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