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Karl Ohiri’s cutting edge installation celebrates motherhood at Omenka gallery

Mothers are special breed of people and their roles in the upbringing of any child can not be quantified. Though some people do not see it that way, hence they treat their mothers any how, many see them as that special breed and they demonstrate that with the way they treat them. And it was as a result of that special role that a popular song dedicated to celebrate motherhood in Nigeria by Prince Nico Mbarga, titled Sweet Mother in the 70s has become a Nigerian anthem.

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50 finalists eye VOTC trophy

Anyone who is in doubt of how much children know about the state of the nation should watch out for the final exhibition of the 2016 Vision of the Child Visual arts and literary competition in May. The finalists, numbering 50 during their presentation to the public last week at the Freedom Park, Lagos, showed Lagosians a glimpse of what to expect in the grand finale.

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Scene captured during the first meeting of drums at Abeokuta

Ogun State revives fading culture with drums festival

THE drum has always played supporting roles in major festivals as it has never had its own festival,but last week, the cultural instrument took the centre stage in what was tagged, First Nigerian drums festival. And as it turned out to be, for the very first time drummers from over 19 states of the federation and beyond gathered at the ancient city of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital for the maiden edition of the Nigerian drums festival now renamed African drums festival.

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Review: The missing link to true democracy

Democracy as a system of government is defined as government of the people, for the people and by the people. But what has been a subject of debate for years is the type of democracy that is practiced in Nigeria. Is Nigeria practicing true democracy or not? To some it is, but to others it is not so, as candidates are imposed upon the parties, people are not given the chance to nominate or elect the people of their choice but those favoured etc. While it remains true that Nigeria is governed by democratically elected leaders at the federal and state levels, Nigeria is yet to institutionalise democracy after a century of existence as a political entity.

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