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What does Google’s N13,000 smart phone offer Nigerian users

THE average Nigerian seeking to purchase  a mobile phone does so for numerous reasons besides making calls and sending text messages. Being a clime where laptops or personal computers are not quite within arm’s reach, mobile phones serve dual functions for Nigerians. Battery life, durability, speed and memory capacity are topmost on the minds of consumers but money knocks all others off. Hence, the need for pocket friendly and customer satisfying smart phones.

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How far has Samsung Galaxy S series redefined user experience?

WITH about 4.77 billion mobile phone users worldwide and 2.5 million applications available across digital marketplaces, smart phones have become an integral part of our lives, constantly being referred to as Personal Digital Assistant, PDA. Smart phones, have become learning centres, entertainment hubs, mobile offices, personal assistants and so much more, giving the impression that most users are still very much besotted by how much can be accomplished from such a device, enhanced further by many upgrades that occur from time to time.

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No NIN, no citizenship, says NIMC DG

SINCE the National Identity Management Commission, NIMC, announced that the National Identity Number, NIN, has become a major pre-condition for citizenship and that enforcement of no NIN, no international passport, may be in force January 2018, many Nigerians have been spoiling for war. While some feel that such pronouncement has no basis at all, others argue that it was too hasty, considering the precarious nature of the Nigerian state at the moment and the heterogeneous population of the country.

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High income internet users in Nigeria spend N3,427 monthly – Report

A FOUR-country study,  backed by Mozilla and carried out by Research ICT Africa on the financial reality of Internet use in Nigeria shows that higher income users pay between US$3.17-9.52 per month, whereas low income users pay as low as US7 cents per month. Nevertheless, these urban group users considered the pricing of Internet bundles cheap and largely affordable.

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New line of mobile devices to herald ZINOX Future Visions

ZINOX Technologies has drawn notable foreign partners, including Intel Corp., Ashour, Tecsync Technology and Microsoft into the Nigerian mobile market, lining up an array of innovative devices that will hit the market soon. The devices according to the company will reflect its new vision and focus to further serve the Nigerian market with latest technologies of international standard.

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