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    My hair is annoying – Waje


    Although she made her debut into the music industry not too long ago; she’s however been one of the female singers to be reckoned with. Ranging from the energy she puts into her songs, to her strong voice—you could never walk away ,but pay attention to her melody.

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    Lara George

    I once wore a skin cut – Lara George

    When it comes to inspirational/gosple artistes, she’s one of the artistes that cannot be ignored. Lara George has paid her dues as a gosple singer, having made many hit albums with lots of awards to her credit including: Voice of The Year, 2008, at the Nigerian Music Awards, as well as Song of The Year, 2009, Nigerian Gosple Music Wards amongst others.

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    Essential treatments

    When should you never ignore your hair’s needs? What are the most beneficial treatments for chemically straightened Black hair? When should they be done? The general rule is to pay attention to the health of hair before and after chemical application.

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    Making do

    If you cannot get what you want, take what you get! That is a sum-total of what hairdressing entails. Genes determine hair-type, like great legs or sexy eyes; you either have the genes or you don’t. But the important thing is to let what you have work for you and make sure you keep hair out of harm’s way, so you don’t suffer irreversible damage.

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    Designing a treatment: Hair

    Once you sort out exactly what your scalp needs to thrive, you are half-way home. Healthy hair can only start with a clean and clear scalp; scalp that is flaky, itchy, greasy or just not ‘normal’ in the sense that it will need something special to help it, will not sprout healthy hair.

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    Designing a treatment: SCALP

    There is no hard and fast rule to achieving great-looking hair. Once you establish what the peculiar characteristics of your scalp and hair are, it would make things easier for you. You will then learn to target your specific challenge[s], instead of doing a one-size-fits-all type of treatment, which may not be beneficial to your hair’s needs.

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    Chemical applications: scalp burns

    Yes, it is possible to apply relaxing creams without burning the scalp. These straightening products are so readily available that we tend to forget that they are SERIOUS chemicals that should not be taken for granted! Firstly, what is the stylist’s attitude to the process she is about to undertake: serious or playful? This is
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