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    Cameron’s corruption offensive and Buhari’s diplomacy

    Cameron talking to Queen of England and others.

    Though it colonized Nigeria and can boast of decency and superior infrastructure in terms of social development to the extent of vilifying the country before the international community, Britain may have just been humbled by the candour and diplomatic finesse of a black leader over its provocative, uncultured, hard stance on Nigeria.

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    The Shift Dress

    Finding something suitable to wear that can take you from work to play could really tax your style, especially if you are not good with mixing and matching your clothes. But a day always comes in a woman’s life where she has to wear one fashion piece in two different situations. A shift dress is
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    The Floral Experience! Headlined by Rockstar Florist – Jeff Leatham

    By Latasha Ngwube Flowers have always been a part of our lives in some way. Wedding bouquets, birthdays, gestures of affection, horticultural clubs, Valentines’ day celebrations, leisure gardens, parks, condolence gifts, care packages…you name it but chances are you can’t escape it. As an integral part of nature’s landscape or the ‘piece de resistance’  as
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    classic vs trendy suit

    Classic Versus Trendy

    By Jemi Ekunkunbor The days were when men maintained strict rules when dressing for work. The work place and boardroom remain a very serious setting. With suits, classic dressers still adhere to strict rules of adorning conservative colours of black, navy blue, midnight blue, grey and brown. But times are changing and even the classic
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    Mobile Money

    The Young African Woman: How to build wealth at every stage of your life

    March is a special month for women. We celebrate Mother’s day and International Women’s day. During the month of March. we would be focusing on women building
    wealth at the different life stages. If you are not a woman, you can still read and share the knowledge with your wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, friends etc. You can also apply
    these principles in wealth creation.

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