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Agba: Celebrating a quintessential woman at 50

It was in Auchi, sometime around 1986, when in company of a few friends, we visited our mutual friend Clem Agba, who was in town on holiday from Bendel State University Ekpoma where he was a student of Economics. Two things struck me on that particular occasion. The excitement in Clem’s voice when he introduced the young lady we met at his home as Orobosa his heartthrob and the warm reception she accorded us throughout the time we spent with them that day.

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street traders

Lagos ban on street trading: The issues, emotions, possibilities

WE will be watching out for buyers and sellers; all we need is just a scapegoat. Don’t buy plantain chips or any other items in traffic from July 1, buyers beware. The issue is we need to enforce our laws because we already have a law in respect of that and then there is a clause in it which says the buyer and the seller are both liable and that we are going to fine them either N90, 000 or a six-month jail term. ”

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The burden of unclaimed corpses

The setting was Federal High Court, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. The date was June 22, 2016. The court was already in session as the trial judge, Justice Ajiya Nganjiwa, asked the court registrar to call the next case. The registrar rose up and said “suit number FHC/YNG/C8/51/2016 between the Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa Versus 121 Unknown Corpses”. Everyone in the courtroom exchanged glances. What offences could the corpses have committed that the government would charge them to court. Will the prosecution bring the corpses to court or will the corpses have counsel to defend them. Observers were curious about what the case was all about. But their curiousity gave way to relief when they later discovered that the suit, being a motion ex-parte that did not require the presence of the other party.

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Oba Akenzua meeting the Queen of England in Benin, 1956

British Royals salute Crown Prince Eheneden Erediauwa (What Lies Behind It!)

AS the world awaits the coronation of a new Oba of Benin, in Benin City, there has been a barrage of goodwill messages from distant and near lands. Two of such empathic correspondence unveil the kind of royal diplomacy now being ushered in as a new dawn approaches in the nucleus of the former seat of a great West African empire (Kingdom), the former capital of Midwest region and capital of Bendel now Edo State in modern Nigeria.

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Saraki and Ekweremadu

Senate Forgery Trial: Turbulent relationship ahead for Presidency/National Assembly

Senator Ita Enang, the presidential liaison officer to the Senate, was like a fish out of water, penultimate Saturday, at the opening of the Senate Retreat on Constitution Review at Eko Hotel, Lagos. A man who, in ordinary times, would have flow with his former colleagues, bantering and teasing one another, stayed in one corner of the Expo Hall of Eko Hotel.

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Aviation regulation in Nigeria: The chequered history

Civil Aviation regulation in Nigeria became the function of the National Government in the immediate post-colonial period. Nigeria had bought over the equities of Elder Dempstar and other stakeholders in West African Airways Corporation – WAAC following the withdrawal of Ghana in 1958 after independence; it became imperative that the new nation put in place a regulatory system that will underpin Airline Operations in Nigeria in accordance with ICAO sets of Standard And Recommended Practices (SARP) issued in 1944/45.

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