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Soyinka, Wolexit and Hero-bashing

Prof. Wole Soyinka and US President Elect Donald Trump

In this article, I want to explicate on two significant assertions that has been at the heart of my confrontation with the Nigerian national project for a long time, and especially with the intellectual capital that I suspect is a very significant part of rehabilitating Nigeria to greatness.

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Draft Budget and MTEF rejected: Where do we go from here?

One of Buhari’s undeclared enemies just did him a favour. Former President Obasanjo, speaking at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, on November 23, 2016, had this to say about the Nigerian economy and the man at the helm of affairs of our nation. OBJ has never been known for diplomacy and he probably never read the book: How To Win Friends And Influence People. He has declared war against his junior retired General. Yet, Buhari will be best advised to read what his predecessor, twice, in office, had to say. It might save him more embarrassments and insults from Senator Melaye and company.

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Women of easy virtue, drug addicts, petty criminals fight for space in Abuja ghettos

Any first time visitor to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, especially from other parts of Nigeria or other African countries, will be captivated by the spectacle of this only planned city in the country. It is a city that, like bees to nectar, attracts all manner of people. While some leave different parts of the country to find the proverbial green grasses in Abuja, others, especially those who are tired with the chaos and bustle of Lagos, for instance, come to Abuja to find peace. Its fantastically well laid roads and other infrastructure give a feeling that what many Nigerians see on television and foreign movies as what a planned city should look like can actually be found in Nigeria.

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Brutal murder pushes Urhobo, Ijaw towards ethnic war

DELTANS, indeed all Nigerians, should be worried, nay alarmed. The general perception is that the prevailing tension across Udu Local Government Area of Delta State is fast approaching the climax of an ethnic war involving the Urhobo and Ijaw. This has been brewing since November 17 when native youths gave Ijaws resident in the locality two weeks to relocate or face reprisals following reported killings, burning and occupation of Ayama and Epama, two Udu settlements by Ijaw troops mobilised from neighboring Isaba, Warri South West council area. Udu youths, led by Sunday Subi, were incensed against their Ijaw neighbours, after outgoing Assistant Commissioner of Police, Warri Area Command, Mohammed Mu’Azu, confirmed the killing of Obruche Sunday, a youth of Ayama, an outpost of Aladja, by men from Isaba for blocking Ijaw movement of stolen oil and illegally refined products through their waterway.

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NIGER-DELTA: Militant groups’ rivarly threatens peace process

WHEN President Muhammadu Buhari met, last Tuesday, with Niger Delta leaders at Aso Villa, Abuja, one of the matters he raised at his three-hour closed-door meeting was that there was no assurance that the Pan Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, led by former Federal Commissioner for Information, Chief Edwin Clark, which swanked about its mandate from militants, could guarantee peace in the region, as the boys struck few days to the meeting.

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Buhari Niger Delta leaders

We didn’t go to Buhari to demand for oil blocs – Obong Victor Attah

Regarded as the Father of modern Akwa Ibom State, Obong Victor Bassey Attah, an architect, was a two-time governor of the state from 1999-2007.

In this interview with Omeiza Ajayi, the former governor, who is a co-chairman of the Central Working Committee of the Pan-Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF, speaks on the group’s recent meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari and posits that the 16-point demand tabled before the President is the panacea to sustainable and enduring peace in the region.

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*Justice Salami

Why corruption thrives in the judiciary – Justice Ayo Salami

For instance, when I was invited by Honourable Justice Aloma Mariam Mukhtar, CJN, and Honourable Justice Mahmud Mohammed, JSC, who was then the next most senior justice of the Supreme Court, and now the incumbent CJN, to discuss the issue of whether I would be prepared to accept the decision of the National Judicial Council to stay for three months and then leave the service, the options were laid before me.

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Chief David Edebiri

Oba Ewuare II coronation: Human sacrifice has no place in our tradition – Edebiri, the Esogban of Benin Kingdom

He is fondly called the “Oracle of Benin Kingdom” due to many of his predictions that have come to pass both in Edo State and the nation as a whole. The Esogban of Benin Kingdom, Chief David Edebiri, is the second in command in the hierarchy of chiefs in the palace of the Oba of Benin. In this interview, the Esogban, who also is one of the nationalists that  fought for the nation’s independence  as a journalists and  politician, gives an  insight into what Nigerians should expect from the  new Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare 11.

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