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Herdsmen’s new threat: Stop anti-grazing law or there will be trouble

According to her, the Fulanis have natural expansionist tendencies and, therefore, could use the Bayelsa Palm Estate area to execute such plan. She accused the governor of donating the future of the Ijaw people to the Fulani people, who she said have shown that they could not be entrusted with anything.

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Evans prologue

About 20 minutes after Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, a.k.a Evans was arrested last Saturday, Ifeanyi Okoli, our crime reporter called me to break the good news. Few minutes later I spoke with crack police investigator ACP, Abba Kyari whose team did the great job. We were all elated. I congratulated him for a job well done and he too congratulated Vanguard Newspapers for the role we played. Force PRO, Moshood Jimoh was also to commend Vanguard during the week on Channels Television.

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Economic sabotage: How Nigeria lost 1.492bn barrels of crude oil in four years

It has been a swath of revelations, since the House of Representatives’ adhoc committee on the alleged $17billion undeclared crude oil and gas revenue started the second phase of its investigative hearing to unravel how Nigeria’s crude oil was stolen along with revenues that were supposed to have accrued therefrom, between 2011 and 2014 – how the funds can be tracked and possibly returned.

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Fresh alarm over killer-herdsmen in the South-South

FOR many months now, tongues have been wagging over the impunity with which suspected herdsmen from the northern part of the country attack, rape, rob and kill residents in the six states of the South-South with not a few pointing fingers at the top hierarchy of the police, which, from the Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, Zone 5, Benin City to the police, Commissioners of Police in the region, is dominated by northerners.

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Lindsay Barret and ‘Rivers @ 50′: Golden opportunity to promote regional cohesion

Goods and services through a modernized Port Harcourt, Bonny and Opobo ports, mutually complementing with the Calabar-Bakassi, Ibaka deep sea, Brass-Nembe, Bomadi and Burutu counterparts, would greatly prosper the coastal and riverine Igbos, the Efik-Annang-central Ibibio-Ogoja, Ijaw, Ogoni, and Andoni; have mighty beneficent effects upon the Eastern hinterland by assisting its rapid industrialization and, of course, more economically facilitate progress in the Middle Belt and Northeast of Nigeria and, thus, complementing the efforts of our Yoruba compatriots to develop Nigeria as a whole from the Western angle.

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Between Biafra and restructuring Nigeria

Nation-building is hard, but it need not be as difficult as we make it in Nigeria. Nation-building is also intentional. It doesn’t happen by accident. The real test is in the leadership and the actions that create a real spirit of nationhood, and the willingness of every stakeholder to build a united, stable and cohesive nation. Fifty years after Biafra, we are confronted with the imperative of defining a future for Nigeria that escapes our country’s past.

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