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Do Whistle Blowers’ Victims Still Have Any’ Friends Left?!

No matter what your reaction is to the spate of the public display of soiled linen of some fallen public officials and socialites by the powers-that-be; the fact remains that the victims’ feelings are seldom given any serious thoughts by the public.

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When Your Lover Leaves You With STD – Sexually Transmitted Debt

WHEN Phillip split up with his long-term lover last year, he expected the process to be emotionally painful. What he didn’t expect was to be virtually taken to the cleaners by her greed. “I was a happy divorcee when I met Dorothy eight years ago. Pretty and highly intelligent, she ran a fairly successful employment agency. But as the economy continues to take a lot of battering, her clients dwindled and I had to bail her out most of the time. I put her on a fairly generous allowance and continued to pay for the rent on her office premises”, explained Phillip.

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Warning: Wearing knickers could be hazardous to your health!

Do you think your undies could be causing you serious health problems? And is there a real case for permanently consigning them to the back of your drawers? Surprising as it may seem, growing numbers of women say they are quietly giving up knickers for health reasons. It seems that synthetic materials, modern dyes and industrial- strength control fabrics now used in undies could be causing everything from infections to stomach aches and even prolapses – where an organ in a woman’s pelvis slips out of place.

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When sleeping in separate rooms could save your marriage

This morning, I woke up alone again, as I do every morning”, said Caroline, tongue in check. She was trying to make me see the importance of separate bedrooms to some fledgling marriages. She continued: “I nipped down to the kitchen to make a plate of hot buttered toast and brought it back to bed with me with a cup of tea. I switched on the TV, laid back and happily scattered crumbs all over the sheets without feeling guilty.

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Why it pays to have hubby’s mistress on your side!

WHILE some wives hang on to a marriage despite abuse bothering on ‘intimate terrorism’, quite a few who value their pride draw the line on how much they can take from a marriage before packing their bags – children and all. “One rainy day seven years ago,I recalled Freida, a hugely successful business woman, “an amateur detective mission I’d set myself came to fruition. I had amassed the clues and every- shred of evidence. I was closing in on the slut who was sleeping with my husband.

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