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Her failed relationships turned her into a baracuda!

IT never fails to amaze me some of the reasons people give for behaving inappropriately. When Feyi’s marriage hit the rocks some years back, we agreed she had genuine reasons to move out of her matrimonial home. Her husband was a cheat and violent with it. “With the experience, I had with him I vowed never to be a door mat to any man,”fumed Feyi. “My dad loved the bottle more than he loved his family, and when he was drunk, he was violent—mostly towards our mum. The sad thing is that she always forgave him over and over.

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Menopausal symptoms no one warns you about!

Your mouth feels like it’s burning: One of the most bizarre side-effects of the menopause is the scalding feeling some women get on their lips, gums, tongue or other parts of their mouths. Although it can affect People of all ages, by far the majority of people suffering “burning mouth syndrome” are those going through menopause. According to research, between 10 to 40 per cent of women seeking help for menopausal symptoms also suffer some type of mouth discomfort including experiencing metallic taste. The cause of burning mouth syndrome, which can last for several years, is not completely understood. But most scientists believe that the problem is caused by oestrogen’s effect on the nerves that control taste.

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