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The Fiance Who Loves His Girl’s Friends To Bits

As Ife helped her friends into a stretch Hummer she’d organised to take them all to the night club where they’d planned a ‘hen’ party for Fade, her best friend, she had no inkling of the nightmare that would later unfold. “We’d started drinking from another friend’s house where we had all assembled. By the time we got to the club close to midnight, we were slushed.

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Would you delete your social media accounts to save your marriage?

The wife comes to bed late again after spending hours on Facebook… The woman feels like her husband is more interested in Twitter than her…. You may think that your little flirtations with your crush from high school are harmless, but the truth is that some partners do not like that behavior. Your marriage/relationship really could be headed for rocky shores, if not outright collapse.

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