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When Your Lover Leaves You With STD – Sexually Transmitted Debt

WHEN Phillip split up with his long-term lover last year, he expected the process to be emotionally painful. What he didn’t expect was to be virtually taken to the cleaners by her greed. “I was a happy divorcee when I met Dorothy eight years ago. Pretty and highly intelligent, she ran a fairly successful employment agency. But as the economy continues to take a lot of battering, her clients dwindled and I had to bail her out most of the time. I put her on a fairly generous allowance and continued to pay for the rent on her office premises”, explained Phillip.

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Let’s talk about sex and sexuality (1)

The first time I heard the word fisting, it was during a discussion with a group of young adolescents. Not only was I embarrassed at my obvious ignorance of its existence, I was ashamed that I even dared to doubt the possibility of such an act. Indeed, I learnt a few things from that encounter and it did prompt me to do a research of my own to update my knowledge. Interestingly, I have discovered that there is an entirely new world out there yet to be discovered by many of us.

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Dumped hubby tries to come back to his mistress

JUST when does a long term relationship become a nightmare? For 18 years, Salewa was under the illusion she had a happy marriage. The three children of the marriage were doing well in school and her husband’s job as a civil servant augmented what she made as an importer of household goods which she sold wholesale. With proceeds from her business, she was able to develop the plot of land she inherited from her dead father. The whole family moved in and life continued as normal.

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