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    My fiancee is HIV positive, should I go on with the wedding?

    Janet and I have being courting for almost nine months now. We dated for about two years before we started making plans for marriage. And in those two years and nine months, we made love like every other couple without protection. We started attending this marriage counseling class at my fiancée’s renowned church and we were told to know our HIV status, Janet did hers before I even thought of mine.

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    Would you forgive a married lover who lied he is not?

    I know that this is partly my fault for loving him wrongly and blindly. How could I have thought that he was honest when most men tell lies at a drop of a pin? Why should l believe a man who claimed he is squatting with his friend, yet none of his clothes are in the friends place? A man that won’t allow me visit his friend’s place except he is there. A man who leaves the room whenever he wants to pick a call?

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    My brother killed my husband, should I forgive him?

    The following dialogue ensued between a brother and his sister when she came calling at his house in search of her missing husband. Her husband had gone to her brother’s house the previous evening to collect the money her brother had borrowed from him and had refused to pay back. But while he was at her brother’s house, he called to tell her that her brother wasn’t still back and he has plan to wait for his return. But he didn’t make it back home.

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    Caught my wife in bed with another woman, should I overlook?

    What have I done to deserve this kind of behaviour? Is Mary, my wife possessed? Don’t I satisfy her in bed the way a husband should? Why didn’t she tell me she is not happy or is it about her past? How could a woman derive pleasure out of sleeping with another woman? These were the thoughts running through my mind as I lay down in my hotel room that evening.

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    Caught Fiancée with My Twin; should l go on with the wedding?

    Peter and I were born on the same day and practically at the same time, yes that makes us Twins! Twins whose resemblance is so incredible that seeing us together was like looking at one’s self in the mirror. It was so bad that even our own Parents and Siblings could not tell us apart while we were growing up. We dressed up in the same clothes and disturbed their peace of mind with stunts and games that only us or any other identical Twins can pull.

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