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You can’t propose marriage when you’re not single!

BISOLA, a divorced mother of two boys was having a good time at “her best friend’s 40th birthday party when James made a play for “her.”I wasn’t really looking for romance,” she said.

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Escapades of doctors on duty

But, honestly speaking, it must take great discipline and grace for a full grown, virile man to sit across a table and view, (not imagine oh,) women of various shapes, colours and sizes walk in, strip to various levels of undress, run his hands and fingers all over them and sometimes through them, then watch them dress up again and walk out as if nothing had happened!

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All I want now is just sex

I’m 32 and in-between girl-friends. My first girlfriend was so troublesome, it was a relief when she finally left even though we have a son. She’s put me off a permanent relationship for now and I’m thinking of going to a prostitute whenever I need a quick fix. Like the saying goes: bodi no be wood!

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Raped by my ex!

Dear Bunmi, For 18 months, Greg and I had a very strong relationship and the sex was great. Unfortunately, and for no reason, I fell out of love with him and had to break things off. He was really devastated in spite of the fact that I let him down as gently as I  could
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