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I heard the ladies discussing my friend’s husband

At a private party recently, I sat behind a table with two women who were having a loud and indiscreet conversation about a friend of theirs who was having an affair with a married man. They mentioned the man by name, as well as several details about his life. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I knew him – he is married to one of my closest friends.

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My ex allows the kids to run wild

I’m a divorced mother of three. Their dad and I split up six years ago and he sees them every other weekend. When they’re with me, they have firm rules about bedtimes and behaviour. It’s a different story with their dad. He lets them stay up late at night watching unsuitable TV programmes and films. They always come back with an attitude, refusing to tidy their rooms and answering me back.

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Let’s talk about sex and sexuality (2)

You might have come across this list on the social media. The message warns parents about the activities of young people on the internet, especially with regards to sex and sexual acts. In the article written by Kelly Wallace, and reported on the CNN website, parents were advised on the need to get more internet savvy so they will be abreast with the activities of their young children and their language of communicating with the

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