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Is he a con artiste?

He’s now throwing hints about us getting married and how it would be the proper thing to do to make him a joint-owner of the house.

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Homosexuality: my husband’s other life

Hi, A few weeks back I published a story about Tolu, a young lady who accidently discovered that her husband is gay. And with whom other, than his childhood friend, business partner and best friend Bosun. In the aftermath of her discovery, more shocking revelations sprang up. Both Tunde and Bosun’s families know about the relationship and even assumed that she knew before agreeing to marry him.

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He’s getting married to her – not me!

Dear Bunmi,

My boyfriend of four years left me when I put the pressure on him for us to get married after such a long courtship. He told me he was more concerned about his career than marriage and didn’t want any children for now. You can then imagine how shocked I was when I found out that eight months after we split, he not only has a new woman he’s engaged to, his fiance is also pregnant!

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