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Solomon Edebiri

APC moves to woo Edebiri

The APC has initiated its move to puncture the unity in the PDP through alleged plans to woo the second runner-up in last Monday’s primary, Dr. Solomon Edbiri. The APC candidate, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, Vanguard learnt yesterday, visited Mr. Edebiri in his Benin home on Tuesday, a day after the PDP primary.

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Rep. Mrakpor

Dirty Slap Saga: Reps slap back

For an ordinary Nigerian, it is a taboo to attempt to overtake the convoy of any government official even if the road is free to accommodate many vehicles. This mentality which was inherited from military rule has become a norm even without any legislative backing and attempt for motorists to do otherwise attracts the wrath of the overzealous security personnel in the convoy.

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