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The presidency does not win all the fights

Buhari and Olisa Metuh

The awesome powers of the president in a presidential democracy are rarely disputed. Indeed, even where you have the mildest or humblest of men as president, the overwhelming powers available to the presidency are enough to transform such a person into a power drunk individual. Thursday’s message from Chief Olisa Metuh, the once vibrant and vivacious spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP linking his refund of the N400 million allegedly given to him by President Goodluck Jonathan for party activities to his support of the Muhammadu Buhari administration’s anti-war was indeed instructive.

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Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC)

Edo: Despite Oyegun’s efforts, APC primaries was a success- Ojezua, APC state chairman

The claim by Ogienwonyi and Imasuangbon are either borne out of mischief or out of ignorance. I prefer to consider it as mischievous because one of them is a lawyer and the other is an accomplished petroleum engineer who has served as a minister in this country. Therefore, I really cannot ascribe to them ignorance particularly when they followed the process. They knew all that transpired. The responsibility to conduct the primaries rests squarely on the shoulders of the National Working Committee, NWC headed by Chief John Odigie Oyegun. Because of these same aspirants, the NWC completely isolated the state government and the state party chapter from this process.

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Sheriff, Oshiomhole cannot stop our rescue efforts in Edo- Orbih

Alhaji Modu Sheriff is a former acting National Chairman of the party. For us in PDP, Modu Sheriff is now history. Here is a man who was given a position by the National Executive Committee of the party against stiff opposition from party elders who knew him very well. All that I can advise him is that he should look for a very good Christian and ask about the story in the Bible about King Solomon and the two women who were in dispute about the ownership of a child. They both claimed to be the mother of the child and King Solomon in his wisdom said he was going to divide the child.

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Britain and Europe: A cantankerous relationship

THE political uproar that saw Thursday’s decision by the majority of British voters to exit the European Union was about at the same level as the upheaval that preceded a similar referendum that formalised Britain’s entry into Europe in 1975. The decision of Prime Minister David Cameron to resign as leader of the Conservative Party and as such, prime minister, bears a parallel to the rebellion that Prime Minister Harold Wilson faced in the days leading to the referendum on the ratification of British membership of the EEC in 1975.

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