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Beta Computers boosts SMEs with POS, accounting solutions

There appears to be bail out for Small and Medium Scale Enterprise, SMEs, to scale up on their IT infrastructure , as a leading provider of industry specific Point of Sales (POS) and accounting management solutions in the country, Beta Computers Limited, has introduced a new program called POSACTSaaS. This programme enables SMEes, for a fixed monthly subscription, acquire a POS and accounting solution, run their operations.

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PVA: The new virtual secretary for businesses

If you’re an entrepreneur, you probably love what you do. That must have been why you started in the first place. But for a business to succeed, the boring paper work, the administrative support and the tax calculations need to be done by someone. Not many businesses can afford full time administrative support, and not every business owner can travel with an assistant. Founder of Prime Virtual Assitant, Mrs. Edoya David-Atiti says an understanding of these circumstances led to the birth of her Start-up in 2016.

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