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Most SMEs fail today because profit goes to fund power supply—Lonadek Boss

Stories by Moses Nosike Mrs Ibilola Amao is another Nigerian woman who took time to educate herself with burning passion for  youth development, entrepreneurship and infrastructural development in Africa. She is also the Principal Consultant of Lonadek, a firm that develops, stems talents promotes capacity, competence for national development and socio-economic transformation. She is the
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Appzone says recession spurs innovation

Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention. Hot climates squeezed out electric fans, long distances pre-existed aeroplanes and far-flung relatives fuelled the rise of social media. If there is a breeding ground for necessity, it must be called a recession; a term that aptly describes Nigeria’s current state. Appzone’s Executive director, Business Operations and Expansion, Emeka Emetarom, believes that the current recession though hard on many Nigerians, is helping spur innovation.

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