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Stocks that will make gains in 2017 even without return of foreign investors – Odukoya

It is too early to tell. However, in my view, to the extent that we still have challenges in the currency control in the economy, we may continue to see slow activity in the equity market. To that extent, we may see another uninspiring performance from equities this year and obviously that goes to the fact that there are a lot of listed companies that depend on import for their input.

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Compulsory or voluntary listing of multinational companies on NSE

Chairman, Progressive Shareholders Association of Nigeria, PSAN, Mr. Boniface Okezie The capital market is over regulated in my own view and despite the over regulation we have not seen any impact whatsoever on the investors. The investors are supposed to benefit from the regulation under normal circumstances, but what we are seeing is total neglect.  
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First quarter not likely to be rosy for banking stocks – Chukwu

THE banking stocks started the year bearish with majority of them recording negative returns in the first three days of the year. What do you think is responsible for low appetite for their stocks? Transaction has not started in full gear and market activity in just two days will not be a barometer to determine what will happen. Be that as it may, banking stocks are not likely going to be the first choice of short term investors given the last year’s economic environment where the banks suffered a lot of regulatory headwind.

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Wema Mobile banking is suitable for everyday banking needs – Adeyinka

Wema Mobile banking suite as the name applies is a mobile banking app with an array of functionalities to meet your everyday banking needs. It is very secure with high-end banking functionalities, some of which include Card Control- the power of your WemaBank debit card in your hands, NFC peer to peer transfers, Transaction limit increase, Inbuilt SMS banking (for when there is no internet connection on the phone), Simplified transfer to saved beneficiaries, to mention a few.

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