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Mercedes-Benz joins medium duty truck segment with Accelo

By Theodore Opara Owing to the growing demand by many companies to increase revenue and productivity while maintaining reduced overhead costs, Mercedes-Benz recently launched a new medium duty truck for city and short distance operations. The all-new Accelo 915C is the first Mercedes-Benz compact truck now available for delivery at Weststar Associates Limited, authorized  Distributors
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What is in a Range Rover

RANGE ROVER. This car is the talk of the town in Nigeria since the face-off between the Nigeria Customs and the National Assembly. It is unarguably one of the most powerful sport utility vehicles SUV in Nigeria with the Mercedes Benz G-Class as its only rival in its class.

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Daimler plans more electric cars

Daimler says it expects to bring more than 10 new electric cars to the market by 2022, bringing forward a goal it had previously set at 2025. The automaker unveiled the Generation EQ concept at the Paris auto show last year as the first of 10 SUVs, sedans, and compacts that are planned from 2019. The models will be part of a lineup that Mercedes-Benz will market under a new subbrand, EQ.

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GAC Motors to unveil GS8 SUV, honours Idhalama, Okpala

GAC Motors, one of China’s largest automakers, is set to unveil the GS8, a c-level high-end SUV self-developed by GAC Motor in Abuja this is just as its supported the Nigerian creative industry by hounoring legendary actor Chika Okpala, popularly known as Chief Zebrudaya of the New Masquerade fame and Somkele Idhalama, a rising and talented actress with GS4 SUV, GA3 sedan.

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