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How to access the powers to overcome

The Lord has set you over; David Oboareke Igimoh;  Ben-Ame corporate ventures, Warri, Nigeria;  2016; PP. 179

It is often said that “if you do not know where you are going, others will take you to where they are going” and that is the reason why many children of God, who were created in God’s own image with the mandate to occupy and have dominion are suffering today. This is made possible because they have allowed the devil to deceive them.

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•Scene captured during the preview of Ineh The Musical at the National Theatre, Lagos

Ineh The Musical: Exquisitely celebrating nation builders

Over the years, women’s desire to be liberated from the perceived myth that the place of the woman is only in the kitchen, in addition to harsh economic realities have forced both the father and mother out of the home in search of standard means of livelihood. And as time progresses and things become more and more difficult, the children are left in the hands of house helps or all by themselves. A situation many believe is responsible for moral decadence and high rate of ills in the society.

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Efuru @ 50: Call for papers

The Flora Nwapa Foundation invites abstracts for 15 – 20 minute presentations during the National Conference to celebrate the 50th anniversary of EFURU under the theme; EFURU@50; A Celebration of Flora Nwapa and African Women Literature. The conference will be held at Abuja, Enugu, Lagos and Maiduguri between 29th November – 11th December 2016. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 30th September, 2016.

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• From left; Barr. Uzoma Nwakauche, Chairman Flora Nwapa Foundation,  Dr Wale Okediran,  Chairman, National Organising Committee and Prince Paschal N. Mebuge-Obaa 11, event planner, co-ordinator and promoter of Efuru@50. (INSET) The book and the author.

Golden jubilee celebration of Flora Nwapa’s Efuru begins

Flora Nwapa was the first black African internationally admired female novelist. Her first book, Efuru was published in 1966. She is a Nigerian author, teacher, administrator and a herald of whole generation of African women writers. But despite her numerous achievements, not much has been done for her since her death 23 years ago. It was on this basis that the Flora Nwapa foundation in conjunction with the organising committee of Efuru @50 is set to celebrate the pioneer African women literature, Flora Nwapa, as Efuru turns 50.

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June 12 Election: Campaign for Democracy and the Implosion of the Nigerian Left; Onyeisi Chiemeke; Josonia Communications Limited, Lagos, Nigeria; 2015;PP. 348

The CD crisis and how it lost June 12 struggle

After twenty-two years of the criminal cancellation of the June 12, 1993, presidential election ostensibly won by the business mogul, the late Chief M. K. O. Abiola, Onyeisi Chiemeke, a lawyer and former student activist who was part of the de-annulment movement has come out with a book detailing the intrigues and other negative activities that characterized the struggle and made it impossible for the realization of the mandate.

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•Scene captured during the parade

Kudos as Festival of India ends in grandstyle

This is the most colourful phenomenon I have ever witnessed in my life!” Exclaimed Bamidele, a Lagos based banker, who had shared the fun filled weekend with his family. Despite the rains that tried to take the joy of the guests, the much-anticipated Festival of India lived up to its billings as it could be described as a huge success. Though the festival has come and gone , but the memories will continue to linger as the festival has come to stay.

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Don’t blame showbiz for woes of National Theatre

What is happening to the National Theatre? The people yearn for entertainment. Performing Artistes are eager to earn a living and stay alive, meanwhile the main arena; the main auditorium of the building is shut down, unused for nearly two decades? The reason for this was that it needed minor repairs and that grew to major repairs then to major general repairs. Hence, the artists drifted out of the theater and took to the “Green roof” of the almond trees …(Abe igi).

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•Angela Ochello with her cabinet members

The Governor unravels intrigues in corridors of political terrain

The riveting tale of Angella Ochello, the Deputy Governor of imaginary Savanah State is most timely as Nigeria and indeed most African countries grope in darkness while searching for political salvation. The political elite have so much destroyed the sector that many believe nothing good can ever come out from there, hence, people with conscience keep away from politics even when their ideas and efforts could impact greatly on the country.

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His Name Is....Over 2000 Names of My God ; Folorunsho Alakija; Digitalrealty, Lagos, Nigeria; 2016;PP.108

Celebrating God’s name in special ways

Without a wholesome or complete revelation of the vastness of God’s names, a believer is limited and disadvantaged. That ignorance undermines the joy that awaits us- the appropriation of all the benefits and comforts of redemption that rightly belongs to God’s children. Indeed, not understanding or misunderstanding who God is, is a dangerous dereliction….” with these words from the foreword by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the General Overseer of Action Chapel International Ministry, Accra, Ghana, I introduce you to this powerful book entitled His Name Is….Over 2000 Names of My God written by Folorunsho Alakija.

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