Facing The Ka’aba

Boko Haram: NASFAT, MPAC distribute relief materials to 2.2m IDPs

Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC and Nasrul-lahil-Fathi Society of Nigeria Agency for Zakat and Sadaqat (NAZAS) have concluded plans to distribute relief materials to the over 2.2 million Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs in North East of the country. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR had last November said the population of IDP in the North Eastern part of the country had risen to 2.2million.

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Tributes to Late Mallam Yaya Abubakar

In life, death is a necessary end, it will come when it will come, and so for Mallam Yaya Abubakar, a former director general of Voice of Nigeria (VON), death came to him at 73. Late Mallam Yaya Abubakar, was a prominent broadcaster , from Bauchi in Bauchi state , North central Nigeria. An alumni of University of Lagos, his foray into Broadcasting saw him rising to the managerial positions at the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA Bauchi in the 1980s and NTA Network in the 1990s.

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Prophet showed the way to prevent Lassa fever

Prevention of Lassa fever relies on promoting good “community hygiene” to discourage rodents from entering homes. Effective measures include storing grain and other foodstuffs in rodent-proof containers, disposing of garbage far from the home, maintaining clean households and keeping rats away from homes. There is nothing wrong in killing rats in Islam. In fact it is part of sunnah not to allow rats in your homes.

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Kids with hijab

Hijab liberates Muslim women from vain desires

TRUE is the word of Almighty Allah, the uncreated creator, the most benevolent and the most merciful God who commanded the best of mankind and the custodian of good-tidings, Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The above quoted commandment which was revealed in an unedited, unadulterated and unblemished Glorious Qur’an had been in existence for more than fourteen centuries, Muslims of this generation have nothing to add or remove but to abide by the instruction of the Super-natural God in whose hand lays the most sophisticated remote control with which affairs of men are manned. He has the key to life and death, He can give and take without permission or approval from anybody, anytime anyday anywhere.

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Alhaji (Dr.) Sakirudeen Tunji Labode

Our aim is to build a complete Muslim – Labode

As a Muslim parent, I found it necessary to make Islamic schools available for our children. Between the year 1986 and 1987, I tried to set up one called Crescent Nursery and Primary school because my children were still young then. The Muslims around me did not really see the necessity for it, so I had to drop it. The passion and dream remained in me. My mother also shared the same dream with me. So, I established an Arabic school at my mosque at Idi-aba where I engaged the services of some clerics to teach children for free.

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A Muslim’s obligation of Love for Allah (2)

The prophet had said as narrated in both Sahih hadith, “Whoever possesses the following three qualities will taste the sweetness (delight) of faith: the one to whom Alláh and His Messenger become dearer than anything else, the one who loves a person and he loves him only for Alláh’s sake, and whoever hates to revert to disbelief, after Alláh has saved him from it, as he hates to be thrown into the Fire.”

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Maintaining Family Ties: A non-negotiable obligation (2)

This Aayah outlines the structural reality found in the human nature when it comes to issue of relationships. It says: “…then invested him with ties of blood and marriage”, in other words man is naturally tied by the rope of human fraternity through blood relations and marriage. You and I are either someone else’s son, daughter,grandson, granddaughter, farther, grandfather son in law, daughter in law father, grandfather or husband and wife.

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The Ideal Muslim Family

The ideal Muslim family is one bound by a common goal. Living for Allah is the best and real goal one can live for, else, life will be meaningless. Life has no meaning without spirituality. Allah says, “I created jinn and mankind only to worship Me,” Q51:56. Choosing a life partner should be influenced by this consideration. A soul mate is a goal mate. Couple who share the same goal are likely to grow together and stay together.

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A woman reacts as she looks at the flowers and messages left at a rail cordon close to the Bataclan theatre in the 11th district of Paris on November 14, 2015, the day after a series of attack on the city resulting in the deaths of more than 128 individuals. Some 80 people were gunned down at the Bataclan theatre in Paris late November 13, during a concert by the US band Eagles of Death Metal. AFP PHOTO / KENZO TRIBOUILLARD

Paris attack: God loves not aggressors

Muslims all over the world stand in solidarity with Paris and the people of France. It was extremely another wicked act from the blood thirsty terrorists. It is becoming clearer to the world that terrorists world-over are not Muslims, in fact we wonder if they are even humans. Those carrying out heinous crimes in the name of Islam do not have the support of millions of Muslims all over the world.

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Religious intolerance: Lagos clamps-down on hate preachers

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has issued warning to hate preachers (mischief makers) among religion institutions to desist forthwith from the act as it would not tolerate religious intolerance in the state. Ambode gave the during a special meeting with members of the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC), at the State Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja.

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Ahmadiyya, NASFAT extol leadership style of Sultan

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Nigeria has extolled the visionary and proactive leadership of the His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto and Head Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar. In the same vein, the leadership of Nasru-LAHI-L-FATIH Society has also praised the Sultan for his outstanding leadership which according to it has engendered harmony and peaceful co-existence among all faiths in the country.

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Wisdom of Lukman for the Ministers

Every literate Muslim knows the wisdom and advice of Prophet Lukman to his son, as espoused by the Holy Qur’an in Chapter 31, verses 12 – 19. Allah intended it not just to be a mere piece of allegory, but to be a template for success in all areas of our endeavour. It is a guideline for better upbringing and especially for anybody saddled with the responsibility of service to humanity.

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