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Gully Erosion: As rains begin, South-East communities already under threat

WITH just two rains so far this year, many parts of the South East zone are already under the threat of devastating gully erosion, which has become a common feature in many communities in the zone. In past years, it was common to see many families abandon their homes whenever it rained because their homes lie within gully erosion sites that are up to 100 feet deep in some cases.

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Fire disaster in A-Ibom community: Two clans at daggers-drawn over compensation

TROUBLE is currently brewing between Efiat and Ukong clans in Mbo local government area of Akwa Ibom State following a fire disaster in the area. At the root of the looming showdown is James Town community in Efiat clan accusing its neighbouring Ibaka community in Ukong clan of misinforming and misleading the state government on the fire incident which he insisted actually occurred in two villages of Efak Okodi and Edak Edat popularly known as ‘James Town’ in Efiat Clan and not Ibaka community as claimed by Ibaka residents and widely reported in both the state electronic and print media.

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I started off as a Danfo driver — Hembah, CEO, Nezam Logistics

The story of Mr Terna Hembah Nezam, the Chief Executive Officer of a Haulage company that goes by his name, exemplifies the fact that those who refuse to give in to a temporary failure are bound to go places. From a Danfo driver in Lagos in the 90s, Hembah has risen to own one of the leading haulage and logistics company in the country, NEZAM Transport and Logistics Company. His is a story that many of the thousands of jobless youths in the country can find inspirational, and, rather that wait for the non-existent jobs, learn a thing or two from.

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