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Legal practitioners’ role in effective implementation of anti-corruption laws

) Systemic Corruption[7]: Systemic corruption describes a situation where corruption and corrupt way of life have become entrenched in the socio-economic and political fabrics of the society or a nation. In systemic corruption, the practice has reached a routine way of life and so does not generate adverse reaction on those on whom it is practised.

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Trial of judges should follow rule of law – Akpedeye

Given the distinct role of each arm of government turning the wheel of a nation, I would say that the current trial of judges is part of this process and no arm should intimidate or lord it over the other as they ought to be separate and independent. Also, our Constitution operates on a principle of checks and balances and the prosecution of the judges is in tandem with the prosecutorial powers of the Executive to checkmate the excesses of the Judiciary.

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No law supporting security vote in Nigeria — Robert Clarke, SAN

Chief Robert Clarke, a senior advocate is a lawyer who does not hide his feelings whenever there is a legal issue generating controversies. He is at it again on the arguments surrounding the widely discussed security votes. He said pointedly that there is no law, however small, that sanctions the payment of security votes to the state governors as well as the president. He, therefore, called on Nigerians to rise against what he called impunity in the system. Excerpts:

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