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Begging for alms is a taboo – The Opebiyis, blind couple with two children

If not for their physical challenge, only God knows what inputs Adewale Opebiyi and his wife, Olanrewaju, would have been making but nature twisted them and this led to visual impairment. Imagine how they run their daily activities without sight! From domestic to commercial activities, it all implies earning income, fetching water, cooking, sourcing for foodstuff, clothing themselves, making outings, crossing bridges, accessing roads and so many other things without support !!

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Benin stowaway boy: ‘Four years after noise from the plane’s engines still echoes in my ears’

On Saturday, August 24, 2013, 13-year-old Daniel Ohikhena, from Owan, Edo State, stowed from Benin Airport to Lagos in the wheel well of Arik flight W3 544. When the flight landed at the Lagos Airport, security agents and passengers aboard the flight were shocked to see the boy creeping out of one of the wheels of the aircraft. The security agents and passengers thought he was a ghost until they found that the boy stowed to Lagos. Daniel told journalists then that he thought the flight was going to America as he wanted to travel outside Nigeria.

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Back to school project: ‘How Police, ‘Biafrans’ nearly killed us’

A 47-year-old adventurer, Adjarho David Obaro, popularly known as World Wrapperman, hoisting a Nigerian flag with a 23-yard wrapper tied round his waist, sprinted from Lagos to Delta State in 11 days with a 24-year-old marathon professional, Afeez Akande, in their stunning bid to raise funds for an innovative Back-to-School project in three states, Delta, Edo and Enugu.

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N30m lifeline for widows of soldiers, policemen, others

The increasing level of widows’ maltreatment in Nigeria is frightening. According to the last data released, Nigeria has over 8 million widows with an estimated 21 million children. Mr. Felix King, Founder, Felix King Foundation who spoke to our correspondent said that the challenges will be best tackled by engages custodians of customs in the communities rather than sponsoring a bill. Excerpts

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