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Why global sex trade continues to thrive

Sexual slavery is widespread in these communities, whether in poor districts of the United States or townships in South Africa or Nigeria, where deprivation leaves women and girls vulnerable to exploitation

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Abuja satellite towns where pregnancy is death sentence

First time visitors to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT,are usually impressed by the well paved roads and other top quality infrastructure. And to meet the health needs of the residents of the only planned city in Nigeria, the authorities made provisions for the setting up of hospitals in all the districts of Abuja. Although the increase in the population of the capital city means that the facilities there are stretched beyond their limits, they still offer services that, by Nigerian standards, are better that what is obtainable in many states of the f

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Beggars: There is huge money to make in Abuja

Gradually but steadily, beggars have been returning to Abuja after they were hounded out of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) by a former Minister of the Federal Capital Terriroty, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. The return of the beggars, sometimes accompanied by family members, have been a source of concern to Abuja residents because of the security and other implications for the city’s infrastructure.

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G-O-D-O-G-O-D-O: Survivors’ pathetic stories of a massacre foretold

40 murdered natives, scores of injured persons, charred remains of buildings. That is the picture the world would remember Godogodo town for.

Last Thursday, as survivors of the Godogodo massacre led this reporter through what remained of a once lively town, the ruins and ashes of children and women burnt beyond recognition made one feel as if the ghosts of the victims were hanging in the air, each trying to tell his or her s

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