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Recession: Schools give discounts on fees

Cross section of members of a book club, Victoria Island, during a review of The  Students' Fortress, which  was adjudged by Laternabooks Limited as one of the bestsellers in the education department of the bookstores.

As the economic recession triggers a new type of migration of students from private to public school, some school owners have resolved to give 50 percent discounts to any parent who pays for a whole session, as against paying for a term. This is as some parents keep mounting pressure on school administrators to give their children double promotion to escape one year school fees.

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*The team with Prof. Charles Reith (4th left) , displaying their solar oven and chicken tractors

AUN students build solar ovens, chicken tractors

These days when the in -thing is to go green and avoid contact with harmful chemicals as much as possible, some students of Yola, Adamawa State-based American University of Nigeria have devised a wood and electricity-free oven for rural dwellers who depend solely on firewood for cooking usually obtained by felling trees with its attendant consequences on the environment. Instead of felling trees and encouraging desert encroachment, the students decided to make use of the abundant sun in the state. The oven and chicken tractor were fabricated using a design first developed at a Kenyan refugee camp. Talk about bringing something good out of a bad situation!

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Become something in life before you write, Sefi Atta tells students

Following the review of her book, Everything Good will Come, by students from nine secondary schools, where they highlighted; stand up for what you believe in, have faith, women’s right to education, bravery, equity, karma among others, as what they learnt of from the book, the author, Sefi Atta, advised students to become something in life before they write, in other to garner experiences to write about.

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16-yr-old, out of 1,500 students to lead others to Hague

Sixteen year old Oluwatosin Onaolapo an International Baccalaureate student at Education First Academy at the Torbay campus has made Nigeria proud. Tosin who spent the early part of her summer holiday as an intern at the Global Student Leaders’ Summit at The Hague in the Netherlands was chosen out of 1500 international high school students to give a speech introducing Ndaba Mandela (grandson of Nelson Mandela) to her peers at the international summit.

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