Xenophobic Attacks:Nigerians protesting against xenophobic attacks in South Africa at the South African High Commission, in Abuja, yesterday. Photos: Gbemiga Olamikan.

Xenophobia: Mattters arising

MAN is the trouble with God’s earth. Since He created man, God has not rested. From enslavement of Africans, to Hitler’s gas chambers, to Rwandan genocide and many too numerous to mention, and now, killing of fellow Africans in South Africa, SA,” declared Patrick in the Apapa-bound vehicle. He was speaking about the xenophobic attacks in SA.

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Hawkers of PMS along Kashia road, Kaduna

Deregulate petrol price now, or never

The Federal Government directive last week Monday to slash fuel prices is a sobre and welcome development which Nigerians should all applaud. The projected direct effect of this development is immediate reduction in the cost of public transport fares, transportation of goods and reduced production costs of goods and services. This ultimately should lead to reduction in prices of basic commodities, and increased buying power for the citizenry.

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Bad roads: Who’s to blame?

But I don’t understand human beings! How can the people doing business in this area not repair the road for their own comfort?If I say I no tire for them, I dey lie,” commented Christy, a commuter in the Mile-2 bound bus as the driver tried to avoid one pothole after another along the Ajangbadi – Ojo Alaba International Market road.

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