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New TB vaccine shows promise

A new tuberculosis (TB) vaccine has shown positive results in trials with mice. If the study succeeds it would be the first new TB vaccine. In 2015, 10.4 million persons got ill with TB and 1.8 million died. According to the world Health Organisation, there were nearly half a million of multidrug-resistant TB cases.

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Twins from different fathers in one womb

Siblings can have different fathers; can twins born of a woman have two fathers? The straight answer is yes. Twins could be “bipaternal.” This phenomenon occurs quite rarely (1 in a billion to be exact), but several pairs of non-identical twins have been born, tested and found to be the products of one womb, one pregnancy, but two fathers.

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‘Being a new mother at 50 is like being mother to my grandchild’

EARLY this week, 50-year-old Grammy Award winner, Janet Jackson, gave birth to her first baby. The iconic singer and her husband had been visiting fertility specialists before she announced her pregnancy and there are strong indications she had an IVF pregnancy. It isn’t an easy task for a woman to conceive naturally after the age of 45 especially with her own eggs.

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