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We use broken bottles to cut the umbilical cord – Birth attendant

After losing her fourth child during delivery at the house of her regular traditional birth attendant (TBA), 42 year–old Kemi Ariyo contracted spiritualists to get to the root of her problems. “I was widely accused to be a witch as a result of the demise of my babies,” Kemi said. “So I approached the spiritualists who pray for pregnant women and see to the delivery of their babies”.

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Nigerians face harder times as prices of drugs skyrocket

The upward review of duties on imported products and goods by the Federal Government has raised prices of imported goods and products and is having deleterious effect on life generally for millions of Nigerians. But the area where the effects of the implementation of the new policy is biting most is in the health sector where it is causing patients and healthcare providers sleepless nights.

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