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Oseluonamen Ogbeide.

Oseluonamen seeks N2m for heart surgery

By Gabriel Olawale Since his birth four months ago, Oseluonamen Ogbeide Armstrong  has not been being breathing properly, neither has he gained weight normally. Often,  his lips, legs and tongue turn blue. He is lying helplessly in a ward at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital,   where he is breathing with the aid of  oxygen.
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Bond FM Pest Control Fair: New vista in pest/vector management initiative

Bond FM 92.9 Lagos is the top grassroots FM radio station in the nation with an array of exciting programmes rooted in popular culture. It is the people’s station and the authentic Wazobia, as itbroadcaststo the people in the language of the people – Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and Pidgin. This accounts for its massive and passionate followership amongst listeners. With over 20 million verifiable peak period daily listenership, it is currently the number one grassroots FM radio station in Nigeria

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