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Takaful insurance not for Muslims alone – Adeniran

We are the first Takaful operator window in Nigeria approved by the National Insurance Commission, NAICOM. We have done a lot since we started in 2010 and God has been supporting us. Takaful insurance is based on two principles which are the principle of Islamic investment which give opportunity for surplus, and also the general business which is based on welfare or give away. We have various products under the scheme. We have the family products either for individual or group.

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Shareholders worry over management of market devt fund

I THINK the apex regulatory body in the Nigerian capital market is interested in shareholders’ money. The Commission had tried to set up Unclaimed Dividend Trust Fund in the past and this was resisted by shareholders because of lack of trust in the management of public funds. Why is it that SEC is always interested in using shareholders money to develop the market? The Commission receives allocation from the Federal Government, so that should be enough to develop our market.

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Nigeria’s pension assets should have surpassed N37trn – Chidi Duru

It is impossible and I say it with every sense of responsibility, it is impossible for an individual be it Nze Chidi Duru or any other party not to have an investment in any PFA and yet the shares of a PFA are credited in his name. In the PRA that we innovated or for which I chaired in the House of Representative and which I also was a joint chair in the Hamonisation Committee of the House and the Senate, there were extant regulations that the National Pension Commission innovated, in sense that for every investment of a shareholder in the industry whether it is a PFA or a PFC, that investment is subject to verification by the National Pension Commission and all those investment including the investment that was done by the shareholders of FGP was verified by the National Pension Commission.

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Investors’ and exporters forex window sustaining rally in stocks – ASHON boss

The Nigerian stock market was adversely affected by economic situation of the country in the last two years; but in recent time, we have started seeing some improvement. The rally in stock market is majorly attributed to the monetary policy changes, such as the Investors & Exporters, I & E forex window which allow investors to bring in their money at a well known market determined price.

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