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Payment of Ransom: It’s a matter of life and death

Not that they don’t trust the Police to do its job. But the worry is that the family stand to lose so much if there is any disconnect during the   rescue operation

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Looming earthquake: Measures to avert devastating impacts in Nigeria — Experts

Nigerian seismologists are all agreed that Nigeria is no longer an earthquake-free zone (aseismic) as previously believed following the series of earth tremors in different parts of the country in recent times. This development requires that measures be put in place to mitigate the devastating effects when a major earthquake occurs in Nigeria. In this report, Vanguard Features presents the solutions as proffered by experts.

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Looming floods: Thousands of Lagosians may be displaced – Femi Giwa

Recently, the Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA) and the Nigeria Metrological Agency, NIMet, issued warnings that a number of states are likely to experience high flood this year. Weather forecast through the Seasonal Rainfall Predictions indicates that Lagos could be one of the areas prone to the looming floods. Following this prediction, Lagos and seven other states in the South West zone of the country got together to take proactive emergency preparedness response measures. In this interview, Head of Operations and Logistics, Lagos State Emergency Management Agency, LASEMA, Mr. Femi Giwa, warns that up to 5,000 residents of the state may become homeless this year from floods. He opens up on strategies to be employed to tackle the looming disaster. Excerpts:

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