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Dis ‘N’ Dart

Ebola: Two dead, 20 others hospitalised over excessive salt consumption


Two people died Friday in Jos, the Plateau State capital after allegedly taking salt in warm water and bathing with same to prevent the dreaded Ebola virus disease.

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Our Women In Politics

NIGERIANS have become used to seeing the mass of women who under different guises press their campaigns for more official positions in our polity. Women want places for themselves, not as alternatives to the men. It is more a campaign for more representation, based mostly on population.

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‘Sex, Music & The Kid-dom’

It seemed like your regular night club video. There were a few differences though. The quality of light seemed too bright for it to have been shot at night. But you must have seen this scenario before. Exotic dance steps between a guy and a girl on the dance floor that makes you want to scream ‘get a room.’ Or you’ve been there, done that, the-girl-in-front-guy-behind-syndrome rocking beyond the money of the music’s worth. Well in this Youtube video, the girl could dance, but my guy, he was just in it for the added benefits; the only music he was following was the curves right in front of him. It even had the cliché crowd who seemed to have nothing better to do than to watch and scream more to make up for their lack of sex-dancing prowess rather than in genuine interest.

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Annie, Tuface collecting their car keys

Dubai, the Idibias and the car controversies

Congratulations to Nigerian music icon, Two Face Idibia and wife Annie who had their white wedding in Dubai during the weekend. Finally, the man has given all his ‘body and soul’ to one ‘African queen.’ You can read all about it somewhere else, but there are some memories that the Dubai wedding conjures up; one of them is when U.S pop singer, Nicki Minaj was nearly arrested in the UAE capital for hugging a guy.

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*Dbanj & Don Jazzy


Today, everyone quotes Shakespeare. It gives a certain credence, an authority to your writing. When you say ‘Shakespeare said’ no one cares whether you are writing entertainment, sports or politics, it is serious journalism. It’s only natural that we follow suit. Quite a pity that I’m not too sure who said “All is fair in love and war,” but I’m sincerely hoping that it was Shakespeare. If it was someone else, all is not lost, because some intellectuals have read this far. Lol!

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*Goldie's hacked twitter account

Stolen! Goldie’s twitter account

Why won’t they let Goldie rest in peace? The star seems to be more controversial from the great beyond than when she was alive and well. And it keeps getting more colourful. It appears that some unidentified individual has taken the reins of the deceased pop singer’s tweeter account and is using it as a publicity platform to promote Nigerian movies as well as Tonto Dikeh’s ‘hit’ (popularly bashed and generally unaccepted) single Jeje.

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Goldie’s last days

You’ve heard that phrase before, “Live every moment as if it was your last.” In this season, as we remember singer, Goldie Harvey who passed on last week, it now more than ever before bears repetition. If the ‘Touch my body” singer knew that she was nearing the end of her days on earth, would she have done things differently? It’s quite difficult to say; because the dead don’t talk. But as we go through the last days of Goldie Harvey, perhaps you can answer that question for yourself.

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*Patience Jonathan

If celebrities were valentine presents…

Tiwa Savage would be chocolates, black on the outside, yummy on the inside. D’banj would be ice cream; his shades would prevent him from melting in the sun. M.I would be a teddy bear…just a bit taller. Dr. Sid would be designer mouth wash, it’s quite hard to give up being a dentist. Two face would be a coin; it’s not hard to imagine why. For P-square, it would be hard to tell, they’d be wrapped in a square box.

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You could call them Nigerians (2)

“Why did you not mention Abdul Mutallab?” someone commented, after reading last week’s article. The rest of the world does not need our help dragging our nation’s name in the mud; they’ve got that covered. But we as Nigerians need to be reminded that no matter how little the connection might be, there are stars out there whose roots are intertwined with ours. Now, even though the ‘L’ in Samuel L. Jackson does not stand for Lekan, there are a lot more Naija on the international scene.

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