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Saving young girls from themselves

Two scantily-clothed malnourished-looking young girls stood outside a Guest House, patiently waiting for someone to answer to their knock on the gate. At last a burly guard opened the gate and in a gruff voice asked them what they wanted. One of them pointed to the signboard on the wall. It was a job advertisement for bar boys and girls.

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Binta Bello

Goodwill, best recipe for success in politics – Hon Bello, Chair, Women in Parliament

She started out humbly as a classroom teacher in the 80s and today she’s one of the influential women in the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria where she represents Kaltungo/Shongom constituency of Gombe State. Hon.(Mrs.)Binta Maigari Bello currently Chairs the House Committee on Women in Parliament-WIP. A rare politician who has successfully combined politics with gentility in a notoriously violent political sphere such as Nigeria’s, Binta’s passion for community service dates back to her days as a child when she dreamed of alleviating the sufferings of her people each time she visited the village with her parents.

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Nutrition and birth defects

This new father was shocked when he rushed to the hospital to view his first child and he found his wife in tears. When he asked her what the matter was, she pointed silently at the cot beside her bed and continued sobbing. The man looked into the cot, saw the baby and sprang back in horror. He didn’t sob, but looked downcast as he went to lean against the wall. A nurse who came in saw the abject misery on the faces of the couple and she tried to assure them that the severe case of harelip that their son had, can be corrected by surgery, and that the child was healthy in all other respects.

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God can’t give women dominion just to sit in kitchen – Bishop Priscilla Otuya, UGCAN President

The Founder of Christ Mega Church Nigeria & Overseas and current President, United Gospel Churches Association of Nigeria- UGCAN, Bishop Priscilla O. Otuya is an interesting woman who is enviably grounded in all fronts. As an entrepreneur, Otuya handles the administrative arm of Swan Dredging & Marine Limited, a dredging company she co-founded with her husband. As a mother also, she has 12 biological children to her credit; some of whom are already toeing her footsteps in ministry. Otuya who is of Kwale extraction in Delta State was recently consecrated as Bishop at the Chapel of Christ the Light in Lagos. Vista Woman had an encounter with her. Enjoy!

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Newly-weds and baby pressure

I was admiring this couple at their wedding reception, marvelling at how well-matched they were; not only in their good looks and easy smiles, but also in the way they reached for each other’s hand unprompted from time to time, as if ensuring that they were connected all the time. As the chairman of the occasion made his speech, they smiled at the same time, giggled at the same time, and as if on cue, they would turn to smile lovingly at each other. I was mesmerized by the sight.

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Hon. Nkoyo

Nigeria has too many laws already – Hon. Nkoyo Toyo

Former Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia and now a member of the House of Representatives where she represents Calabar/ Odukpani Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Hon. Nkoyo Toyo has been in the forefront of civil society movement. The founder of Gender and Development Action-GADA, Nkoyo is a veteran in gender advocacy and issues pertaining to governance. In this interview, she speaks on the attainment of the much desired 35% affirmative action, reveals why the cost of governance is expensive in Nigeria and also urges women to take advantage of laws provided for their protection. Enjoy!

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Mrs.Elizabeth Olomofe-Kufeji

‘Young mothers are failing in their primary role’

The Proprietress of Lagos-based Starland Private School and Chairman, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools, Mrs.Elizabeth Olanrewaju Olomofe-Kufeji a.k.a Mummy 2, is a seasoned educationist with over 40 years of experience in the teaching profession, beginning from the Lagos state civil service where she retired as the principal of Okota Grammar School 1986.

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When a law can worsen social issues

The laws of the land are made with the intention of protecting its citizens – bringing them justice, protecting their interests in every perceivable way. In short, any law made by a government, is supposed to give us a better life. On our part, we’re supposed to obey these laws in our own interest; to ensure that the better life envisaged comes to us unhindered, and also to avoid being punished for the disobedience of specific laws.

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The Senate

The senate and child-wife as adult

Some time ago, a male teacher and his fifteen year-old pupil began a romantic relationship. It was reported that the affair was not exactly a clandestine one as members of staff and other pupils were aware that they spent much time together, even outside school hours. No-one thought much of it until they both went missing, and were later discovered some months ago to be living together in France.

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Judith Eyegho

It hurts me to see our society in decay— Judith Eyegho

To restore sanity to the educational sector and teach youths to emulate reputable role models who have served the nation credibly, Shalom Vineyard Initiative, a non-governmental organisation, initiated “Youth & Passion”, a programme designed to sensitize and educate young people from across the country. Here, the Executive Director of Shalom Vineyard Initiative, Ms.Judith Eyegho, cum Chairperson/Producer, Youth & Passion, speaks about the programme. Hear her:

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President Jonathan

U.K. Visa cash bond & fire for fire!

The other week, we woke up to the screaming headline, ‘Nigerians to deposit 723,000 naira for U.K. Visa!’ It was a must read for many citizens here, whether or not the airfares to Britain are affordable to them, because it is an insane amount of money for Britain to demand from citizens of countries she once colonized. I had to read the piece twice in order to ascertain that there hadn’t been an error in the figures published.

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Amaka Anakwe

CORSAA is aimed at fostering devt in Africa – Amaka Anakwe

With the unveiling of her Corporate Responsibility Social Africa Award-CORSAA, Amaka Jane Anakwe, a Nigerian and an upcoming artiste who finally returned home about a couple of years ago from South Africa where she had lived and worked for several years as a local counselor, is setting the tone for the trend which she believes will help develop Africa and influence standard of living.

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