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Ending militarism in the home


As men, we own the house with its entire property, including our wives. If women shouldn’t be our properties then why are we asked to pay so much to take them from their parents? Beating your wife is not violence, so, the world should stop putting it that way. Women ask for too much and sometimes have to be dealt with to be called to order! My wife is my property and I have every right over her; after all, didn’t I buy her with my money? Sometimes you hear people say husbands rape their wives, but how possible is that? Is the man not supposed to have right over his wife? Anyway, if my wife dares to deny me sex then it means she has given me a clean license to go out and enjoy myself!”

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Why I prefer business to modeling’

Looks are indeed deceptive. At first sight, one would believe any dark-skinned, tall, slim damsel to have built a career in modeling, but that’s not Zaria Mimano. Only in her 20s, this British-born business strategist has rather carved a niche for herself in the oil business! The Founder of Aba Oil LLC, a flourishing oil firm based in New York with visible presence in Abuja, she had left the banking industry after a brief romance with Morgan Stanley and UBS Investment Banks, both in London, to fearlessly tread the oil path. Mimano who is of Kenyan and Ghanaian descent spoke about her business, adventures and values during a recent trip to Nigeria. Enjoy!

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Elizabeth Ativie

My masculine voice, a blessing — Hon Ativie, only woman in Edo parliament

Except for her feminine physique, everything about Hon.Elizabeth Ativie is mannish. From her husky tone of voice to self-carriage, her military upbringing speaks volume. These characteristics however belly her disposition towards public service and motherly love for the people of Uhunmwode whom she has represented at the Edo State House of Assembly for two terms running. Elizabeth has also remarkably been the only woman in the state House of Assembly since then. In this interview, she shares the secrets of her success in politics, survival strategies in the House of Assembly and contribution to the development of her constituency

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Islam not against western education – Zainab, religious leader

Although very religious, Zamfara State-born and bred Zainab Nuhu Maru is an embodiment of inspiration, especially to her fellow Moslem women. She is both assertive and intelligent in ways that are dominantly alien to most of her contemporaries. “Islam says ‘seeking for knowledge is compulsory for all men and women”, she boldly echoed throughout this interview.

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Your home doesn’t have to suffer!

No doubt, women are gradually taking their place in virtually every walk of life -be it medical, banking, aviation, military, para-military, journalism, engineering, to mention but few. Yes, it is inspiring to see the ‘modern’ woman be economically empowered, but what if the demands of these jobs become a thorn in the flesh of the home, resulting in defective family units and ill-bred children? From every nook and corner of the Nigerian society, it is glaring that the home is suffering from a sort of kwashiorkor only a fusion of proper family values can cure!

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Now slave trade booms with ‘black’ merchants

Strangely, in Nigeria, 206 years after the 1807 abolition of slave trade by Britian and 15 years into the yearly remembrance of victims by the United Nations, the business has taken a new twist with two forms— internal and international— booming. Focus has shifted from energetic men preferred by Europeans for labour on plantations, to women and teenage girls as young as eight.

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Liome Engele: IT expert turned natural health scientist

H er firm resolve to end a long family history of hereditary ailments landed her in the world of natural health science. UK-trained Information Technologist turned natural health advocate, Liome Engele, is the Director of Business Development at Laserderm Clinic, a dermatology and cosmetology clinic set up by British medical consultants in Lagos. In this interview, Liome takes us through her journey into the vast world of natural health science and also passes her judgement on Nigerians’ attitude towards skincare among other issues.

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Relationship: OLD vs NEW values

This club of young graduates and professionals of both sexes came together to form a group with the singular aim of using talks to help young people make the right choices, and hopefully, have a better life. They hold their ‘enlightening’ talks on different subjects, every three months in a small school hall, and they graciously invite their parents, friends and relatives to come listen to them.

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Oby Nwankwo

Nigeria is notorious for abandoning international treaties — Oby Nwankwo

Apart from women getting political seats, of what national significance is the acclaimed CEDAW affirmative action?

Like we largely know, the affirmative action requires state parties to CEDAW to put in place temporary positive measures that will help close the gap which has been created by past marginalisation and discrimination. As you know, in the past, women were socialised to see themselves as people who were supposed to be seen and not heard.

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*Bunmi Adeboye

Bunmi Adeboye: The beauty, brain behind Stylista

The first of six children, stylish Bunmi Adeboye is a 1995 Microbiology graduate of the Obafemi Awolowo University, lle-Ife. She thereafter veered into the banking industry where she carved a niche for herself as a marketer with savvy until she voluntarily resigned 15 years later to channel her imaginative prowess into her first love- events decoration. This gave birth to Stylista, a flourishing events company already servicing the crème de la crème of the society in less than two years! A happily-married mother of two, Bunmi who turns forty on September this week had an encounter with Vista Woman in her office in Lagos. Enjoy!

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