the dividends of defection

It tasted sweet on some lips while it lasted, that dish of defection. There were two parties in the main, and so there was only one other to defect to. It was, of course, bitter to the side on which the defection took place. And so, the loss of the Peoples Democratic Party was the gain of the All Progressives Congress. The applause rose from one side to the other.

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Ben Bruce

Common sense and just nonsense

The past governments controlled by the Peoples Democratic Party, at both the federal and state levels, left a record of shame in governance. They mismanaged the financial resources available to them. The upshot is the painful result of wages, monthly wages, not being paid in many areas. One needs to be involved to appreciate the agony of the people so blatantly denied of their due remunerations.

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Saraki and Ekweremadu

Opposition mentality

Apologies are in order, for a start. The office of Femi Adesina, veteran journalist and newly appointed spokesman for President Muhamadu Buhari, was merged with that of Akinwumi Adesina, newly elected President of the African Development Bank, on this page last week. The error is regretted.

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Buhari: A new dawn

It is their time to jeer and mock. However, they shall be here and see Boko Haram defeated; normal power established; corruption deflated; the economy renewed; our educational structures strengthened; and a sense of purpose among the people of this country solidified. They have seen the cruel dawn. They shall live to see the glorious days.

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the things that abide

By Bisi Lawrence And so it has all come to this at last. We are one step from breasting the tape. The elections have come at last, though not entirely gone actually. For one thing, we shall now have to endure the prolonged cases involving the rejection of the results by the losers, on the
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Oba Akiolu of Lagos

For my Ibo brothers

The wild joy over the double triumph of General Muhammadu’s election victory and President Goodluck Jonathan’s superlative gesture of statesmanship portends violent-free polls across the board. However, there appears to be a hiccup that may not be entirely ignored. It had been feared that Lagos, Rivers and Akwa-Ibom States were among the areas where violence could flare up during these elections, and the general calm that saw the end of the presidential election had not entirely dismissed those fears.

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Presidfent-elect, Buhari

Buhari steps in

And when all is said and done, what we all want is change. It is an organic element of the cosmos charting out the essential route of benign development, or otherwise, as humanity chooses. “Forward, forward let us range,” cries the poet, “let the great world spin forever, round the grooves of change.”

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This special day!

This special day!

There was a time when Nigerians actually enjoyed politics. The rules were clear, though some of them were still being developed to keep up with the fast pace of our development as a nation. But it was a level playing ground on the pitch and the game was conducted with a finesse matched by a high sense of decorum. The players were mature men who knew the worth of material wealth as against the value of humanity. They made their choices and each left his mark.

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Igbo Chiefs

I love my country

This is a period of rarities. They occur in their original forms or in the variations of even familiar events. The desire to convince, the urge to prevail is so overpowering those normal limits of behaviour are ignored or forsaken. The results are sometimes bewildering. They emerge in outlandish statements from highly respectable sources and totally unexpected directions. A very unusually season.

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*Supreme Court Judgment:  Ondo State Governor Olusegun Mimiko jubilating with his Supporters shortly after Supreme Court judgment in his favor in Abuja. Photo by Gbemiga Olamikan.

leaders of thought

By Bisi Lawrence The phrase, “Leaders of Thought” has been frequently used these days with little regard for the function of context. Any collection of middle-aged opinionated citizens, especially if they had once represented a shade of political effort, feels entitled to retain hold on to some semblance of relevance by declaring themselves as leaders
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