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Unreasonable import restrictions

IN most of the policies we dish out, we are only clever by half. A case in point is the recent Federal Government pronouncement on the partial restriction on the importation of many products into Nigeria. Henceforth, there are items that cannot come into the country through the land borders. Such can only be brought in through the seaports. Meanwhile, the authorities are silent on whether those commodities can come in through the airports.

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Politricks of Toll gates

THERE must be an outbreak of Keynesian economists in Nigeria. Suddenly, they are showing up on the idea of our tolling policy.

John Keynes (1883-1946) was a classical economist who had a soft spot for full employment. For him, the people must be employed, even where it meant getting them into what might ordinarily look like the absurd cycle of pit digging:

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Our Judiciary on the edge of a precipice

IN times of increased problems, people would look at every direction for possible solutions. By mid-1970s, the city of Lagos had become so clumsy. That was when Tai Solarin (1922-1994) was asked to offer a view on how some sanity could be infused into Lagos. Solarin did not hesitate an inch before saying that anyone intent on reclaiming Lagos must enter into an aero-plane flying over Lagos; bomb down the entire city and begin to rearrange it.

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Tomorrow belongs to the educated

Josef Omorotionmwan NIGERIA  has hardly got its priorities right. A situation where the rent seeker is capable of paying the Professor’s salary and still left with a comfortable balance; and where the semi-literates parade chains of chieftaincy titles and live in ostentation while the Professor’s take-home pay can hardly take him to the next bus
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