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One Jega cannot do it all

WHEN will our hearts stop bleeding for Africa? Where is the big pot that is calling the kettle black? The other day, a friend of ours in Ivory Coast overheard Laurent Gbagbo complaining to another friend in Gold Coast that he was already planning to step aside peacefully when he suddenly noticed that the loudest voices on his plight were from the Oil Coast and they were a lot guiltier than him.

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FG: Guilty as charged

IT is also a good democratic concept that Government should spread whatever it has evenly. As much as possible, development must be spread evenly across the nation. Poverty also gets an even spread among the people. And Government must introduce sanctions for all those who deviate from the norm.

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This toddler @ 50

In a recent outing, Prof. Ben Egede of the Department of English, Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, summarised the views on this side most succinctly, when he quipped rather angrily: “What is there to celebrate? Fifty years of looting from our national treasury by organised criminals masquerading as leaders of their people?

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