NLC protest electricity tariff hike in Abuja

Where are the Trade Unions?

ONE permanent feature that has remained with most Nigerian workers is the pay-day ordeal. Except the few who get something by the side, for most workers, the pay-day – supposedly the day of reward for the worker’s efforts in the past one month – instead of being his happiest day turns out the saddest.

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The growing corruption industry

CHARLES DICKENS (1812-1870) provides the best guide when it comes to superlative degrees of comparison. In the telling paragraph of his great work, A Tale of Two Cities, his narrative remains intriguing: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…; and for our present purpose, we may also add, it was the best of enforcement, it was the worst of enforcement.

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Edo 2016 and the war of succession

THE Statesman-Columnist bears a heavy burden. Quite often, he is torn between two worlds: even where he constantly has an opportunity to privately advise on critical issues – and that’s the extent to which the political class expects him to go – his audiences still want to know his stand, if only as a pointer to the direction they should be looking at.

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Buhari presents N6.08trn 2016 budget to NASS

The Budget: ‘We Heard This Before’

WE remember Alexander Pope (1688-1744), “For forms of government, let fools contest. That which is best administered is best”. This is mainly true of budgeting systems. Nigerian governments have experimented with virtually every form of budgeting ever known to man but like Hamlet’s opinion of drinking, budgets have been honoured more in the breach than in the observance.

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The National Assembly

As the Press now gags the Legislature

WE have maintained that if all a man has is the hammer, everything he sees will look like a nail. For too long, the press has been gagged by various governments.

That explains the mutual suspicion existing between the press and the government, to the extent that any move by the legislature is quickly seen as another attempt to gag the press.

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Like California, Like Southern Ijaw

THE impression has been created in many quarters that INEC may have changed its name to the Inconclusive National Electoral Commission. Of course, if it is by coincidence that the two gubernatorial elections so far conducted under the new INEC leadership ended up being inconclusive, it must be a serious coincidence.

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