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Paddy-paddy government and their wuruwuru to the answer

There is an increasing culture of celebrating corruption in the country. Everyone, especially the country’s leaders, is out looking for how best they can be corruptly served by the system

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‘Who is the presidency?’

LAST week the Muhammadu Buhari administration took a major step in shaking off the odour of corruption that has been swirling around it since Babachir Lawal, erstwhile Secretary to the Government of the Federation, was implicated in a scandal surrounding the award of grass cutting contract in the Internally Displaced Persons’ camp.

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Whither Buhari’s anti-corruption war?

IN just over one month, the Muhammadu Buhari administration would have spent two full years presiding over the affairs of Nigeria. These would be two years of lackluster performance for an administration that came into office with high hopes and promises to take Nigeria away from the blighted legacy of corruption left by the Goodluck Jonathan administration. But in just two days, last week, the Buhari government lost two high profile cases it had been prosecuting for several months.

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Donald Trump’s travel ban: When does a country respond?

THERE have been a series of unfortunate events involving Nigerians abroad in the last couple of weeks. From South Africa where Nigerians were made victims of xenophobic attacks to the United States of America where Nigerians with valid visas were prevented from entering the country, the story has been the same: the undeserved humiliation of Nigerians and the seeming unconcern of the Nigerian government to the plight of her citizens.

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Buhari, Nnamdi Kanu and Ibrahim El Zakzaky

IF there is one area in which the Buhari administration has consistently showed itself up as politically unsophisticated and fallen short of democratic values, it is in its handling of issues bordering on human rights. The administration has generally demonstrated a high level of unresponsiveness and disinterest in matters concerning individuals, groups and sections of the country it does not agree with.

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