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    Buhari travels to Kenya on a state visit ; Photo: Bayo Omoboriowo

    No money!

    I’ve spent the past three months in London. And while I was away, I regularly received phone calls from friends and relatives who are based in various Nigerian states. Some of these friends and relatives are staunch PDP sympathisers who voted for ex-President Jonathan during last year’s election, while others are staunch APC sympathisers who voted for President Buhari

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    More about managing success with grace

    Last week, I wrote about the many Nigerian VIPs who do not manage success graciously, change for the worse the minute they cease to be ordinary citizens and start treating old friends (and blood relatives as well, in some cases) very shabbily, even when these folks who knew them before they became VIPs have helped them a lot in the past and are therefore owed considerable goodwill and courtesy.

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    New year relections and resolutions

    I used to write for Vanguard when I was a twentysomething youngster. In those days, my weekly column was known as “Londonline” and mostly focused on UK issues.

    Then, having taken a LONG break from Vanguard while I was growing up, I returned to my beloved Uncle Sam Amuka’s team in 2007 as a middle-aged woman. And it was decided that my column should be renamed “Sweet And Sour”.

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    Ministers — Readers responses

    By Donu Kogbara Last week, I praised Mr President for appointing Rotimi Amaechi and Babatunde Fashola to his Cabinet but told you that several concerned citizens had contacted me to express the view that Mrs Kemi Adeosun, Buhari’s new Minister of Finance, is not experienced enough to hold such a sensitive and senior portfolio. I
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