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On God’s side

Whenever I am on board an airline flying out of the country, I love to watch the in-flight entertainment. My favorites are thrillers and romantic comedies. A friend on board the same flight with me to the Uk recommended that I watch the documentary on The renowned reggae star, Bob Marley. I am not really a fan of reggae music; not that I hated it but my curiosity was piqued and I decided to give it a try.

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University of Port Harcourt students brutally beaten and burnt alive

Crimes of impunity

The opening scene is four naked bodies, beaten and bloodied lying in the mud almost lifeless. A man bends down to raise a young man’s head and places a tyre over it; then came the words: “die, die…” Then a big plank is raised and brought down repeatedly on the head of one of the boys still trying to move on the floor, from the corner a big slab of concrete is hurled and it hits the face of another; in another corner lies another young man whose lips are swollen and he has a dazed look on his face…

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Social dangers

Just by clicking a few buttons on your Computer, Laptop, iPad, Kindle fire, mobile phone, or any of the new devices out there, you connect to the world literally. Genius don’t you think? Technology has changed the face of communication between individuals, companies and the like.

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Broken wings

When we lose loved ones, the pain is great. When we lose loved ones through the fault of someone else’s incompetence, the pain is deeper. We want payback and retribution. We are inconsolable with words of comfort. We look up to the heavens and wonder why our creator would let this kind of misfortune visit us.

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Nigerian athletes at the Olympic

Proudly Nigerian??

Another weekend is here. We all look forward to it and though the Sallah holidays were more than adequate as people travelled out in droves, not many looked forward to returning to the daily grind on Wednesday if the truth be told. It is with a sigh of relief that we welcome the weekend with open arms.

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Change of scenery

The only thing that is constant is change. That phrase has been used in different scenarios where one finds his or herself,and believe it or not, it is true. When we are born as babies into this cruel world, we evolve quite quickly over time into full grown adults (as it is often said also “na only for belle, pikin dey tay”).

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Summer time in Boca…

I seem to be spending most of my time lately going through airports.. Much as I love to travel, it can be a chore sometimes. It does however afford me the knowledge of seeing things first hand as a frequent traveller what obtains in other ports in comparison to ours.

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One day…one day…e go better

That is the first line in the chorus of a popular tune which says, “ One day, One day, One day e go better for me, I go get money, I go get pikin, I know one day, one day, one day e go better”. That is the constant and unshakeable prayer on the lips of most Nigerians these days. That is my fervent prayer; that one day, indeed, there will be a turn around.

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Our democracy, a destination yet to be reached

Two dates always cause me to be melancholy, Nigeria’s Independence and Democracy day. I reflect on how many years we have been in existence as a nation, and how many leaders we have had who have promised to lead us out of Egypt, and into a land flowing with milk and honey… .It is over 50 years; at the very least half of a human being’s lifetime on earth. If at this age, one is yet to chew strong meat with well formed teeth but continues to feed from a bottle then more is the pity.

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