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N-Delta battles sectional arrogance

When people from the Niger Delta and other Nigerians raised their voices in protest, government sources were quoted by Vanguard of Thursday, July 23, 2009 as saying: “Those who do not want the project to be sited in the North should have a rethink because there is absolutely nothing they can do to change government’s decision”.

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Musings on Ohakim’s book themes

The three books are entitled: The Courage to Challenge; Challenging New Frontiers and Pushing the Limits. While the first is a free-flowing narrative of his uncommon and miraculous journey to the seat of Governor of Imo State, the others reflect his words and actions on the said seat. The Ohakim story, especially as encapsulated in The Courage to Challenge is one worth telling or recalling because without the courage to challenge there will be no “miracles”.

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Sam Egwu must go

EVERY other day on this column we lament the scourge of poor quality leaders who straddle the commanding heights of our public affairs. “Poor quality” does not necessarily mean low educational background or that the person involved does not have impressive academic certificates. After all, many of our poor quality leaders, like the man in the news today, are holders of post-graduate degrees.

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Demon worshippers in charge

When the crisis in the state took a turn whereby the political interests of Governor Daniel and Alausa were no longer in uniform alignment, Alausa deserted and joined Daniel’s enemies. In anger and retaliation, Daniel decided to expose Alausa and caused his newspaper to spin the yarn that it did with such relish that Monday.

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Akwa Ibom, be nice

By Ochereome Nnanna I HAVE watched with sour interest what has been going on between Akwa Ibom and Cross River states since the Federal Government decided that the latter was no longer an oil-producing state. The story of the two sister states is an ironic and intriguing rise of a former underdog and the increasing
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PDP’s debt to Nigeria

The heat of the Obasanjo era occasioned by day-to-day meddlesomeness of the former president is off. Ogbulafor, a compromise candidate who is neither for an all-out war on the Obasanjo camp nor on a mission to restore his hold on the party, came on the platform to reunite the party and push harder to democratise its affairs.

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