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Baru’s antidotes to corruption boredom

Chinese writer and poet, Han Yu (768-824) writing on the truth about one’s underlying character identified that: “The three grades of character are superior, medium and inferior: the superior is just good, the medium is capable of development either in an upward or a downward direction, and the inferior is just evil.”

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Volvo’s injury time for petroleum

From the Shakespearean account in the Merchant of Venice, the character, Gratiano consoled his friend, Antonio who felt sad because his world was coming to an end. In a conversation frustrated Antonio said: I hold the world, but as the world, Gratiano, a stage where every man must play a part and mine a sad one. Gratiano addressing Antonio said: Let me play the fool. With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come. It is a choice between laughter and tears. We must live with merriment but also remind ourselves that a referee has signaled the commencement of the extra time in the petroleum game.

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Kachikwu’s guesstimate on petrol consumption

A British philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell who lived between 1872 and 1970 said that science is what you know; philosophy is what you don’t know. The import of this is that many of us operate in the realm of what we do not know. If in the context of symbolic logic it would be fantastic that we try to move from the known to the unknown and vice versa. But more often than not we revel clumsily in conjectures and for too many of us no qualms.

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We celebrate Junetwelfth

Last Monday June 12 means many things to many people. The dream of a good year that was waning was manifestly rekindled with the Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo giving the presidential assent to the 2017 Appropriation Act. The ceremony orchestrated camaraderie for the executive and legislative principals in the Presidential Villa Abuja. Many Nigerians were frenziedly emotional that at last the pregnancy of the belated 2017 budget was given a meaning.

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Memo to Osinbajo: Nigeria’s refineries enigmas

It takes courage to admit mistakes. It is ones wish to commend the Federal Government for a soft pedal on modular refineries implementation which was not well thought out. The mercurial personality of the Acting President Professor Yemi Osinbajo who steeled himself to visit the troubled zones of the Niger Delta is the present calmness we experience for more crude produced and exported to beef up revenue.

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Trump’s oil dominion amid climatic concerns

Traditionally the power and influence of first term American Presidents start with their accomplishments in a hundred days in office. President Donald Trump in wielding that power reversed President Barack Obama administration’s leasing ban on oil blocks in the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific waters. The euphoric executive order was also to open up exploration activities in the Virginia and North and South Carolina where drilling has been blocked for decades.

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