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Muhammed Adamu on Thursday

Judgment without justice

The law suffers a form of juristic injustice in the hands especially of conservative judges who impose on themselves ‘incapacity’ to navigate the delicate labyrinth of the legal system in order to arrive at justice

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Of June 12 and May 29

For a man whose martyrdom watered the tree of the democracy that we enjoy today, true recognition consist only in declaring him President-elect posthumously –which will only be reaffirming that which he was, baring the annulment- and then also reversing May 29 to June 12 –which again will not be gratuitous

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What does Lamido want?

I ALMOST did not want to believe that former Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, had said what he was reported to have said recently on the Hausa Service of the BBC; and which was something to the effect that ‘much worse than the like of the evil of Boko Haram, he (Lamido) was prepared to work with any evil, including from the bottomless pit of hell- if it would lead to unseating Buhari’s government and the APC’.

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Revisiting ‘Graffiti of the political legislator’

GRAFFITI of the political legislator’ was a piece I wrote back in the days of the Ghalli Assembly. It was an ‘oriki’, if you like, in praise –or is it dis-praise?- of the typical Nigerian lawmaker. A panegyric if you like on the enfant terrible of our political legislator. As I am unable to pen on fresh matters this week, I find this piece as relevant –on a lighter mood- as it was during the Ghali days. Enjoy it.

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What to do with Saraki NASS

I SHOULD not tire to quote David Ingram, who said: “The American founders believed that a constitution that placed unlimited power in a legislative majority will inevitably result in tyranny, instability and lawlessness”. These founders, in reaching this conclusion, had discovered that their “optimistic faith in the capacity of ordinary citizens to exercise judicious self rule, collided with their pessimistic appraisal of a humanity driven by self interest”.

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