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Muhammed Adamu on Thursday

Gawa ta qi rami

And so if Buhari can be a co-conspirator in a tragi-comic political melodrama in which he is to die to pave the way for another, Buhari can as well oblige a request from any of the PDP goons to do them a favour and ‘DROP DEAD!’

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A re-make, not an amendment

Parliament lords it over the people; the executive arm is hardly any less victimizing; nor are the courts any more credible as the ‘last hope of the common man’. Yet, the fact alone that the so called ‘peoples representatives’ now even make laws in spite of ‘the people’ is proof enough that ‘the people’ are not their own sovereigns

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On Buhari: ‘Sickness’ as constitutional offence

The question is asked, ‘when exactly can the President be said to be ‘incapable’ of discharging the functions of his office? Is it when a ‘sick’ –or maybe even healthy- President, for whatever reason, feels himself incapable of discharging the functions of his office; or is it when a cynical, or maybe even genuinely critical public, believes, rightly or wrongly, that the President is ‘incapable of discharging the functions of his office?

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Of June 12 and May 29

For a man whose martyrdom watered the tree of the democracy that we enjoy today, true recognition consist only in declaring him President-elect posthumously –which will only be reaffirming that which he was, baring the annulment- and then also reversing May 29 to June 12 –which again will not be gratuitous

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