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Marriage and Family

Your wife earns more, so what?

Couples have got to learn to see the positive side of the situation

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The greener grass

Recently, a stowaway was found dead in the wheel compartment of an aircraft belonging to a Nigerian airline after it landed in South Africa. A few days later, the news just fizzled out. Some people apparently did not want the news on the front burner for long. Bringing it back to the front burner is not my intention here, so let sleeping dogs continue to lie. But I must express my discomfort with the security breach that made it possible for the stowaway to hide in the wheel compartment of the aircraft. It is a disincentive to travelling by air.

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Child marriage

I am very excited, albeit cautiously, because the Federal Government has vowed to tame that monster called child marriage. But I am cautious because the forces government will confront, even if the willpower is there, to win this battle are monstrous. Some of these forces are within government circles. But win we must because there is nothing good about child marriage. In fact, child marriage is paedophilia dressed in legitimate robes.

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